Unturned: How To Lock Doors (Complete Guide)

Here is a guide on how you can lock doors in Unturned to ensure the safety of your base and items inside.

Ensuring the safety of your Unturned Base with locked doors is an important aspect of the sandbox game. While surviving in the post-apocalyptic society, players will have to collect various resources and craft different items with them. And like many other survival games out there, you will have to build a strong shelter and make sure no one loots any items from you. Check out this guide further to know how you can lock your base and ensure it’s safe from outsiders in Unturned.

How to Lock Doors in Unturned

craft locked metal doors in unturned

Players can craft various doors with different types of materials like wood, metal scraps, etc. in Unturned. However, as helpful as wooden doors are in the start they can’t be locked by default in the game. If you are wondering why your things are still getting stolen even after having a wooden door, this might be the reason. So to make a locked one and secure all your items, you will have to craft a metal door in Unturned. Here are the steps you can follow to make one:

  • Chop up some trees to get logs and sticks
  • Find 4 pieces of Scrap Metal in the game
  • Once done, press G to open your inventory
  • Head toward the crafting section
  • Use the handsaw and logs to craft 8 wooden boards
  • After which use them to craft 4 wooden plates
  • Wooden plates can then be crafted into a wooden frame
  • Use a Scrap Metal piece and fire to make two bolts
  • After which use the bolts and wooden frame to create a wooden door
  • Once done, you can use the wooden door and the rest of the scrap metal pieces to craft a metal door.

Only you or other players you invited in your group will be able to lock and unlock the door in Unturned to get past. Other players in the server won’t be able to access the door in any kind of situation.

That’s everything covered on how you can lock doors in Unturned. If you want to play Unturned with your friends, we recommend you check out our guide on it and for more guides like these check out our dedicated Unturned section, right here on Gamer Tweak.