How To Build A Base In Unturned

This guide will help you build a starter base.

Unturned is a sandbox game where players are supposed to survive a zombie apocalypse. Much like the popular survival game Minecraft, you’re supposed to collect resources, craft items, weapons, forage for food and fight zombies to make progress, and Unturned is no different. It is almost a given in any such game that you cannot survive for long without a shelter. Building a base is one of the first things players must do to protect themselves when they start the game. So in this guide we will break down how you can build a starter base for yourself in Unturned.

How to Build a Starter Base in Unturned

Now, keep in mind that this is an initial wooden base for your survival when you first start the game. This is so that you can have a shelter with minimal resources that you can gather quickly. It is always recommended to build a stone base as it is way stronger and more effective in the longer run.

Here’s the comprehensive process on building a starter wooden base:
Firstly, you need to collect some resources. Grab an axe or a chainsaw from a nearby barn and start chopping down some trees. You will never have enough wooden logs as it is a commodity resource that is required in many crafting recipes so get as many as possible.
Once you have collected enough wooden logs, go to the Crafting options and under the ‘Structures’ tab, you will find all the items you can craft with your resources. Craft and place the following items as mentioned below:


This is the floor of your base, you will need 3x Logs to make a wooden Floor panel. Place the floor panel on a flat plain where you wish to build your base in Unturned.


These are the pillars to support and place your walls. You are going to need a pillar on each side of a wall so, in this case, you require 4 Pillars. You can craft a pillar with 2x Logs. After that, place a pillar on each corner of the floor panel.

Unturned How To Build A Base


These are the vertical side panels of your house and you will need 3x Logs to craft one Wall. Now, one side of your house should be the doorway panel so you only need three walls for this project. Once done, place a wall between the pillars on three sides of the floor panel.


These are essential to place the doors in the house and you will need 3x Logs to make one Doorway wall. Once crafted, place the doorway on the remaining side of the house and you should have a 4 sided structure at that point.
In order to make a door for your build, you need 5x Planks and a Metal Scrap. You can easily get planks from wooden logs in the crafting menu under the ‘Gear’ tab. Once you have obtained the door, simply place it in the gap on the doorway panel.


This is the roof of your house and you will need 3x Logs to make the wooden roof panel which is the last item you need. After crafting, place it on the top of your build by pointing at the floor panel.

That concludes your basic build for shelter although you can try to expand your house or add furnishings such as windows, or even a second floor on top of the platform if you have the necessary resources. You should also craft and place a few torches in your house for increased visibility. An important thing to note is that you must avoid building your base in areas with a lot of zombies around as they may attempt to break in as well.

That is everything you need to know on how to build a base in Unturned. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on how to make glass in this game.