How To Make Glass In Unturned

Find out how to craft different types of glass in this sandbox game

Unturned, just like many other survival sandbox games, offers a plethora of resources and building materials to make your base. One of the most important resources you’re going to require in your experience in the game is Glass. Apart from being a necessity for windows in your house or base, Glass is an ingredient in a lot of other crafting recipes. But how do you make Glass in Unturned? We will answer your question right here in this guide.

How to Craft Glass in Unturned

The basic requirements for crafting Glass are:

  • Metal Sheet x2
  • Heat (Campfire)

In order to get Weak Glass in Unturned, you need to cook 2x Metal Sheets in a Campfire upto Cooking Level 1. You can easily get the required items by gathering resources such as Metal Scraps and Logs. Metal Sheets require 2 Metal Scraps to craft and a Campfire requires you to cut down trees and obtain 5 logs to craft it in the game.

Unturned How To Make Glass

Once you have the Weak Glass, you can place it anywhere in your house on a vertical 2×2 plane. You can even use Weak Glass to make One-Way Glass or Bulletproof Glass to use as windows for increased security of your base. Making these rare types of glass is also easy, all you need to do is heat up 2x Weak Glass in the Campfire upto Cooking Level 1. This will give you either 1 Bulletproof Glass or 1 One-Way Glass.

If you have the required resources then we’d recommend upgrading your Weak Glass to a Bulletproof or One-Way because of its strength. Weak Glass has 400 Health whereas Bulletproof and One-Way Glass have Health of 900 which makes them stronger options for a secure base, in the case you get attacked by other players.

That is everything you need to know on how to make Glass in Unturned. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on how to spawn vehicles in this game.