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How To Spawn Vehicles In Unturned

Find out how to get any vehicle dropped out of the sky for you

Unturned is a Minecraft-like game in the survival genre and involves several unique things you can explore and experience. However, the game offers more than just crafting items and materials. The game has loads of fun features such as vehicles, weapons and teleportation that you can easily obtain using cheats. The vehicles in the game have some fundamental properties that need to be considered such as fuel, battery and speed which adds to the immersion of this survival multiplayer. In this guide we will show you how you can spawn vehicles in Unturned.

How to Get Vehicles in Unturned

In order to spawn vehicles, all you need to do is type “/vehicle” in the chat box and then type a vehicle ID. There are loads of different types of vehicles in this game and some of them even allow you to fly. Now, each of these vehicles have a specific vehicle ID assigned to them. The vehicle IDs also differ based on color of the vehicle, for example the Black Roadster has the Vehicle ID 43 whereas the Purple variant has the ID 47.

Unturned How To Spawn Vehicles

There are more than 200 different Vehicle IDs and they are divided into general classes like Civilian, Emergency, Military, Flying and Makeshift vehicles. Following are some of the vehicles you can spawn under all the vehicle classes in Unturned:

  • Civilian: Auto, Dumptruck, Roadster, Sedan
  • Emergency: Ambulance, Firetruck, Police Motorbike, Prison Truck
  • Military Vehicles: Armored Offroader, Tank, Ural, APC
  • Flying: Annushka, Transport Heli, Auto Gyro, Blimp

The game also offers vehicle locking and hotwiring mechanics where a player who is outside of your team who does not have rights to unlock your car, but may use cheats or the Stealy Wheely Automobiley tool to break into it at the cost of their reputation.

That is everything you need to know on how to spawn vehicles in Unturned. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on all the cheat codes and console commands in this game.