Elden Ring Deathbird Locations: Where To Find Them

Unable to find these night field bosses? Check out our location guide to find out all Deathbird locations in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring features an extensive range of bosses and enemies as you progress to become an Elden Lord. Several optional field bosses also spawn throughout the vast open world of Lands Between. One of these includes the Deathbird bosses that spawn only during the night and at different locations. Unlike the main story bosses, you can avoid these bosses and focus on killing Malenia. But defeating these bosses can reward you with a massive amount of runes. So, check out our guide to find out all the locations of Deathbird in Elden Ring.

All Deathbird Locations in Elden Ring

While sharing a resemblance with the Death Rite Bird, Deathbird bosses cannot wield magic and are relatively weaker. You can also ride a horse while fighting these bosses. We suggest staying on foot as they can leap and close the great distance. As mentioned earlier, the Deathbird bosses only spawn during the night. So, without further ado, here are all the locations of Deathbird in Elden Ring:

Limgrave (Warmaster’s Shack)

You can find the first Deathbird located to the east of Warmaster’s Shack, the site of the Grace, in Limgrave. You can find this boss over the cliff in the south direction. We suggest using the torrent horse to come across a fallen building in complete ruins. As you head inside, the Deathbird will swoop in to combat and attack you. But as with all the Deathbird, make sure it is nighttime.

deathbird elden ring
Image Source – AcalBrosGaming on YouTube.
  • Rewards: 2800 Runes, Blue Feathered Branchsword Talisman
  • Stats: 3442 Health, 103 Defense

Weeping Peninsula (Castle Morne Rampart)

You can find this Deathbird located on the cliffs to the west of the Castle Morne Rampart site of the Grace. This boss can be found in between the Ramparts and the Castle Morne dungeon in Weeping Peninsula. If you are a bow user, you might get some assistance and help from an unexpected enemy. You may find a Golem giant nearby this location that can assist in the boss fight unless you kill him before fighting Deathbird.

  • Rewards: 3900 Runes, Sacrificial Axe
  • Stats: 3,769 Health, 105 Defense

Liurnia of Lakes (Scenic Isle)

For this Deathbird, head to the Scenic Isle, site of the Grace, in Liurnia of the Lakes. You have to head in the north direction to get attacked by this Deathbird. Its location is relatively closer to the location of Patches questline in Elden Ring. Be cautious and keep your eyes peeled as you can also encounter other bosses and enemies.

deathbird elden ring
Image Source – AcalBrosGaming on YouTube.
  • Rewards: 6,600 Runes, Red Feathered Branchsword Talisman
  • Stats: 5,558 Heath, 110 Defense

Capital Outskirts (Hermit Merchant’s Shack)

This Deathbird is located to the northeast of Hermit Merchant’s Shack in the Capital Outskirts. But this boss fight can be a bit more challenging than others, as you also encounter snail enemies. If you are a veteran Dark Souls player, now will be a good time to showcase your fat rolls. Alternatively, you can also kill this boss luring it off the cliff where you will fight.

deathbird elden ring

  • Rewards: 29,000 Runes, Twinbird Kite Shield
  • Stats: 8,575 Health, 114 Defense

How to Beat Deathbird in Elden Ring (Tips & Strategies)

As mentioned earlier, defeating Deathbird is much easier and simpler than the Death Rite Birds bosses. So, here are some tips and strategies to defeat them:

  • The Deathbird bosses are weak to Holy damage but immune to several status build-ups.
  • This includes Poison, Hemorrhage or Blood Loss, Frostbite, Sleep, and Madness build-ups. So, we suggest not using them as they won’t be triggered anyhow.
  • The Deathbird bosses are also resistant to Scarlet Rot but can be triggered with specific build-up amounts.
  • These bosses can inflict the Death Blight. Make note that their weak spot is their head and they are pretty much weak once their stance is broken.
  • Being an Undead type of Enemy, you can throw Holy Water Pots to inflict major Holy Damage to Deathbirds.
  • But to craft these consumable items, you need Missionary’s Cookbook (1) and some crafting ingredients. These crafting materials are as follows:
    • x1 Mushroom
    • x1 Tarnished Golden Sunflower
    • Empty Cracked Pot
  • For Melee build players, we suggest maintaining a distance and waiting for an opening before you strike. You can get close to their legs to get some hits after every attack. Also, make sure to time your dodges and rolls.
  • If you are a Ranged player with the magic build, you can use the Litany of Proper Death incantation spell. But make sure to time it right when they touch the ground or else the incantation won’t work.

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