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Monopoly Go Loading Screen Stuck At 30 (Fix)

Check out this guide to know about all the possible solutions you can try to fix Monopoly Go stuck at 30 issue on your device.

Is the loading screen stuck at 30 in Monopoly Go every time? If yes, then here is a guide with all the possible fixes. The digital adaptation of the classic board game has everyone hooked, and such an issue can be annoying. Many players reported the issue of the loading screen being stuck and the game eventually crashing after an error code was displayed. Many are missing out on their free rewards as the game won’t load ahead. So if you are experiencing the same issue and want to resolve it, check out this guide further to learn more about the possible workarounds you can try.

How to Fix Loading Screen Stuck at 30 in Monopoly Go

fix monopoly go stuck at 30

The most common reason for the issue is Monopoly Go servers being down for the time being. This can occur for different reasons, from server outages to maintenance. Although we also recommend you have the latest and updated version of the game installed on your iOS & Android device. If the servers are running fine and you have the latest version installed, here is a list of all the possible workarounds you can try to resolve any issue from your end and fix Monopoly Go stuck at 30:

Restart Monopoly Go

Simply close Monopoly Go and relaunch it after a few seconds. This will not only refresh the game but also resolve any temporary bugs if there are any.

Restart your iOS or Android Device

In case relaunching the game doesn’t work, restart your mobile device. Rebooting will help you fix any issues with your device and the game.

Update your Device

Updating your device to the latest software version is recommended, as outdated versions can cause bugs and errors in the game. To avoid encountering stuck at 30 and other crashing-related issues in Monopoly Go, check for any software update for your iOS or Android device.

Clear Cache

Players can also clear caches and unnecessary data to resolve any issues from their side. Here is how you can clear caches on iOS & Android:

  • iOS
    • Open Settings on your device.
    • Inside App List, search for Monopoly Go.
    • Head toward its settings and tap on the Reset Cache option.
  • Android
    • Open Settings on your device.
    • Here, tap on manage apps and look for Monopoly Go.
    • Select the Clear Cache option to delete the cache file.

Uninstall & Reinstall

If none of the above workarounds fix the issue, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling Monopoly Go on your device.

These are all the possible solutions you can try to resolve the problem. In a blog posted on Scopely’s official site, the developers stated that the team is aware of the inability to load into the game issue and is investigating the problem. If the problem persists, we recommend you be patient and wait for the devs to resolve the issue.

That’s everything covered on how to fix Monopoly Go loading screen stuck at 30. In the meantime, check out our Monopoly Go cheats and Free Dice Rolls guides on Gamer Tweak.