How To Level Up Fast In Payday 3 (Infamy Level XP)

Know how to get more infamy points, level up fast in Payday 3 and why leveling is not working properly.

How to level up fast in Payday 3, increase infamy level, and unlock better weapons, mods, and more? This Payday 3 XP farm guide will help you do just that. In Payday 2, things worked differently, but in Payday 3, the leveling is attached to the challenges system and infamy points. If you’re curious to know what is the max level cap in PD3 and why leveling is not working for you at the moment, we’ve got you covered.

How to Level Up Fast in Payday 3

While you will still level up as you play through the heists, to level up fast and increase your infamy level quickly, players need to focus on completing challenges in Payday 3.

So, to earn XP fast via challenges, you need to:

  • Play heists on higher difficulty level
  • Grind heists
  • Play stealthily
  • Get headshots with specific weapons
  • Defeat multiple enemies
  • Defeat particular type of enemies
  • Reach higher infamy levels
  • Complete skill based challenges
  • Play with a well-coordinated team
  • Use your skill points/skill trees

How to See Challenges

From the main menu, go to the Challenges tab which is right next to the Vendors tab and you will find the 3 types of challenges – Heist, Career, and Combat. As you fulfill the conditions, you will get and earn Infamy points (IP) which will raise your infamy level. And so, players will be able to unlock and upgrade to better equipment/gear for future heists. You will earn a skill point approximately every three levels as you progress and you can use those on your Skill Tree to make your next grind more fun.

complete challenges to level up fast payday 3

Payday 3 Challenges

combat heist career challenges payday 3
image source: King Z on Youtube

The various challenges will be based on difficulty, count of beating the objectives, defeating enemies, and may be related to escaping unscathed as well. Apart from these, there are some unique challenges thrown at you that are fun to complete.

Heist Challenges

heist challenges payday 3
image source: King Z on Youtube

These Payday 3 challenges will be based on difficulty, beating the heist multiple times, hacking a device, placing objects, blackmailing, stealth, and much more.

Combat Challenges

combat challenges
image source: King Z on Youtube

To complete these types of challenges and level up fast in Payday 3, you need to defeat multiple enemies with a specific weapon, beat specific types of enemies, destroy items, kill with headshots, save crewmates, and more.

Career Challenges

career challenges

These require you to reach a certain Infamy Level to earn C-Stacks (in-game currency), unlock special weapons, complete a heist with mods equipped, and more. Luckily, every weapon you get will already have one mod available from the start, so you can focus on completing these challenges first.

Many players aren’t a fan of the Challenges-based leveling system because they prefer to play the game in their own way and don’t like to complete heists with specific weapons they don’t like to use. But if you are currently focusing on leveling up fast in Payday 3, then challenges are the best way to do it as of now. Let’s see if the developers add more ways to level up and gain infamy fast in the game in the future.

For more insights into the community feedback, here are a few comments posted on the Steam Forum regarding the challenge-based infamy progression system:

PD3 leveling system with challenges

payday 3 leveling system community feedback

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Payday 3 Max Level Cap

  • The max level cap in Payday 3 at the time of publishing this article is Infamy Level 150.

Payday 3 Level Up Not Working?

If you are playing the heists and noticing that leveling up is not working in Payday 3, note that you must complete challenges to earn Infamy points (exp) and level up faster. But if you are already doing that and can’t level up despite completing the challenges, it could be a bug. Some have reported that there are bugs related to the level not showing up properly even after the progression. Restart the game and check if it gets resolved on its own. But other than that, there’s not much players can do, and have to wait for the devs to patch the issue.

That’s everything known about leveling up fast in Payday 3 and raising the infamy level by earning points. We will be covering more Payday 3 guides for you on Gamer Tweak so check them out right away to avoid missing out on crucial info. For example, here’s how to get favors in the game.