How To Get Favors In Payday 3?

Favors can make your mission easy. This guide will help you in understanding how favors work and why they are important in Payday 3.

Payday 3 is all about strategizing your run to complete a heist without raising a high alert. Objectives are displayed on the screen that shows what will be your next step. Now in between the heist, you might need more ammo or amor, or just a zip line to quickly run away from the spot. All these things can be added to the game via Payday 3 Favors features. Here is a detailed guide on what are favors in Payday 3 and how to get them.

How To Get Favors?

Payday 3 Favors Explained

Go to the game menu and select the Vendors tab. Scroll down to the extreme bottom and you will see the Favors section. Before the start of the heist, you can use four types of favors from the list. But players who are part of your highest are allowed to add and remove favors.

  • Ammo Bag: $10,000
  • Armor Bag: $10,000
  • Medic Bag: $10,000
  • Zipline Bag: $10,000

Payday 3 Favors Explained

You can stack up more than one favor in your inventory by paying the price. It is always good to start with some favors. For example, Ammo Bag, if you are out of ammo you can run toward the Ammo bag and reload in an instant. Favors are added before entering the heist and their location is marked on the map. They can be available on easily accessible random spots.

Different players can add different favors before the match begins. Payday 3 also has heist-specific favors that will appear randomly. You cannot buy them from the shop. When you pick a heist then after selecting the No Asset Selected section you can randomly add the heist-specific favor. Otherwise, the regular ones will be always there in the Vendors section.

Payday 3 Skill Tree

The second important thing to focus on in Payday 3 is – Skills. You can find it in the Loadout section. Payday 3 has a huge set of skills to unlock. Skills points are unlocked as you level up, and you can unlock a specific skill to upgrade your mastery level. For example Ammo Specialist or a Medic. Having players with good mastery levels is of great help.

This is how favors work in Payday 3. You can always add some to your load-out that can act as a lifesaver in tough times. For more such guides and help on the game do check our Payday 3 guide section.