How To Level Up Clan In Clash Of Clans – Tips & Tricks

Wondering what are the best methods to Level Up your Clan in Clash of Clans? Here is everything you need to know.

In Clash of Clans, Leveling Up your Clan can help you unlock various advantages. Additionally, you will also be able to earn and utilize Clan Perks. These perks consist of powerful boosts that can help your Clan and will also be useful while attacking any opponent Clan. In order to unlock these abilities you will have to earn Clan XP. However, the method of earning these experience points can be confusing. If you are looking for all the tips and tricks you can learn to earn XP faster, follow the steps mentioned in this guide.

How to Increase Clan Level in Clash Of Clans

How To Increase Clan Level In Clash Of Clans
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Here are two methods you can use to Level Up your Clan:

Participating in Clan Wars

One of the best and fastest ways to earn Clan XP is by taking part in Clan Wars. While you are attacking the other Clan, make sure you prioritize earning as many Stars as you can. Even though it should be your goal to successfully defeat the enemy base, it is essential to take a good amount of members when you are planning on fighting any Clan War. Selecting few members will get you less XP, even if you win the war. Therefore, we would recommend selecting 50v50 to gain XP and focus on winning so that you can get an extra boost of bonus XP as well.

Completing Clan Games

Along with Clan Wars, you can also participate in Clan Games, to earn a good amount of Clan XP by unlocking tiers. These activities will take place once every month. Make sure you complete as many tasks as you can during this event. These tasks will not be very difficult to complete and you can even try to unlock the max tier. Here are all the numbers of the tiers you can unlock along with the XP you will receive –

  • Unlocking tier 1 – 20 Clan XP earned
  • Unlocking tier 2 – 60 Clan XP earned
  • Unlocking tier 3 – 120 Clan XP earned
  • Unlocking tier 4 – 200 Clan XP earned
  • Unlocking tier 5 – 300 Clan XP earned
  • Unlocking tier 6 – 420 Clan XP earned
  • Unlocking tier 7 – 560 Clan XP earned

This is everything you need to know if you are looking to Level Up your Clan in Clash Of Clans. If you are interested in this game, you can also read about how you can get Clash of Clan on PC and all information about the Hammer Jam Event, right here on Gamer Tweak.