Should You Let Astarion Bite You & Drink Blood In BG3? (All Choices)

Confused about Astarion's intentions in Baldur's Gate 3? Here is the answer to whether you should let him drink your blood or not.

Watching Astarion trying to bite your character’s neck might have been Awkward in Baldur’s Gate 3, and many players want to know whether you should let him drink your blood. This is a fair question, considering his acts were not only very suspicious but could possibly cost you or your party members’ life. But there must also be some reason behind his bold actions. So below is the outcome of every choice of when you let Astarion bite you and drink blood in BG3, and what happens when you reject him or kill him.

Should I Let Astarion Bite Me & Drink Blood in Baldur’s Gate 3?

should i let Astarion bite me in Baldur's Gate 3

You should let Astarion bite you if you want to unlock Romance options with him or get friendlier with him. In case you aren’t comfortable then you can still reject him without causing much damage to your relation with him or his presence to the party.

Regardless of whether you let him bite you, he will still unlock the Vampire Bite action. Using this skill Astarion attacks his target and drinks their blood to recover 2D4 HP. The target will also take Piercing damage. The best part is biting a creature does not break stealth.

Although, the worst outcome here would be to make him leave the party or killing him. Here is how all options play out.

Let him Bite you

Once Astarion bites you, you get the option to Persuade or Push him back [Strength] to make him stop. You can also use Melee Attack to use a stake to kill him. (Not recommended). If you pass the Dice check you will make Astarion stop. He gets happier (if you don’t kill him) and leaves to hunt animals to complete his dinner.

Don’t let Asatrion Bite you in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you deny letting him bite he accepts your decision and will tell you that he will see you in the morning and goes for hunting. Don’t worry he won’t die but romancing him might get a bit difficult. Since you didn’t trust him with his situation.

Make him Leave

This is one of the sadder options, because depending on the dialogues you choose you get to learn more about his past. Then when you ask him to leave he gets angry and will leave your party permanently.

Kill Astarion in BG3

One of the options you get will be to use Melee Attack to drive a stake through his chest. If you do pass the Dice check your character will grab a nearby stick and use it to kill Astarion. This option is the saddest one so far, but something that you can choose.

That’s every outcome of what happens when Astarion tries to bite you in Baldur’s Gate 3. You should also check out our quest walkthrough for Finish the Masterwork Weapon. And for other guides on this game check out our BG3 section.