How To Get Leather In Blox Fruits

Leather in Blox Fruits can be used for upgrading your weapons. This Roblox game, which has taken inspiration from the popular anime One Piece, is a virtual world consisting of powerful fruits, epic boss battles that help players level to become the strongest character. Apart from currency, there are a ton of in-game rewards that you can get, one of them Leather. Although it is classified as a common material in the game, players work very hard in order to get their hands on this item. We will mention the ways you can get Leather in Blox Fruits, right here.

How to Get Leather in Blox Fruits

Leather Blox Fruits
  • To get this material, we would advise you to use the Buddha fruit and use a sword or melee weapon.
  • There are a few enemies that usually drop Leather once you defeat them in battles. Firstly, we would advise you to go to the first Island in the Third Sea, where you will find Pistol Millionaires. You can easily defeat them and get this material.
  • You can also collect Leather by killing the Jungle Pirates, who are located in the Third Sea, at the Floating Turtle.

How can you use Leather in Blox Fruits?

As mentioned earlier, Leather can be used to upgrade different weapons. You can use them to upgrade Swords like – Dragon Trident, Dual Katana, Cutlass, Shark Saw, Soul Cane, Iron Mace, Saddi, Wando, Twin Hooks, Triple Katana, Canvander, True Triple Katana, Wardens Swords, etc. Apart from Swords, you can also use Leather to upgrade Guns as well. Some of them are Kabucha, Slingshot, Acidum Riffle, Bizarre Riffle, Musket, and Flintlock.

We have covered everything you need to know about getting Leather in Blox Fruits. If you are interested in more Blox Fruits guides, you can continue reading about Best Swords in First Sea and Diamond Boss Spawn Location, available here on Gamer Tweak.