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Where Is Diamond Boss Spawn Location In Blox Fruits?

There's a slight chance that Diamond Boss can drop his Longsword for you. So check out where to find him in Blox Fruits.

Finding the Diamond Boss spawn location in Blox Fruits can get tricky, but that’s not stopping the players from doing the hunt. That’s because this boss is pretty easy to defeat and gives tons of Exp in one go. But don’t forget to take on the fight you’ll have to be at least at level 750. If you are then we’ll help you reach the boss easily. For your convenience, below we have also mentioned some tips & tricks that will get you through the fight with ease. So without waiting any further let’s dive right into it.

Where Does Diamond Boss Spawn in Blox Fruits?

Where Does Diamond Boss Spawn In Blox Fruits defeat location
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In Roblox Blox Fruits the 750 Level Diamond Boss spawns on the Flower Hill just beside the Colosseum. This hill is part of Kingdom of Rose Area 1 which is located on the Second Sea. The island has one tree in the middle and Sunflowers on the ground. There the Diamond Boss spawns after every 30 minutes.  Before you head to the location make sure you have triggered the Diamond quest by interacting with the Area 1 quest giver. In this quest, you’ll get only one objective which is to defeat the boss. If you successfully knock him down, then you’ll be rewarded with 25,000$ and 12,500,000Exp. And if you beat him without activating the quest, then you’ll simply end up with 150,000-170,000 Exp.

How to Defeat Diamond Boss in Roblox Blox Fruits

Now that you know the spawn location of the Diamond Boss, you can easily meet & start defeating him in Blox Fruits. The trick to beat this boss is by maintaining distance and using ranged attacks. That’s because the Diamond boss only uses close-range attacks with his Longsword. However, if any of his strikes land on you, then it’ll deal 700-800 damage to you. So make sure you strategize accordingly and use the ranged weapons or fruits.

That is all about the Diamond boss spawn location and tips & tricks to defeat him in Roblox Blox Fruits. If you’re a sword collector, then you must check out which is the Best Sword available in the game. And if you’re running low on resources, then check out Blox Fruits Codes for free rewards.