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How To Learn Enemy Counters In Hogwarts Legacy (Combat Tips)

Unable to block or parry? Check out our guide on how to learn Enemy counters in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy features a vast and expansive Wizarding world around Hogwarts Castle. Although you will be studying as a fifth-year student, you will come across a plethora of enemies, bosses, and beasts along the way. While you will unlock and learn several spells to deal with them, it’s crucial to keep your defensive guard up. For such combat, you have to make sure to block, parry, and counter their deadly spells or attacks. But which spells to unlock and learn? Check out our guide on how to learn Enemy Counters in Hogwarts Legacy to find out.

How to Learn Enemy Counters in Hogwarts Legacy

You will learn enemy counters early in the game while progressing for the Path to Hogwarts quest with Professor Fig. One of the first counters you will unlock and learn is the Protego spell. You can use this spell for counters against incoming enemy attacks in Hogwarts Legacy. The best time to use this spell during combat would be when you see a golden insignia above your head. As you do so, the shieling orb around you will protect and block the attacks from your enemies.

hogwarts legacy learn enemy counters
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But when you hold the keybind or button to cast Protego, you can also cast the Stupefy spell. This spell can stun your targeted enemies while counter-attacking them. These stunned enemies take on additional damage and can be a pretty great counter for crowd control. Timing is the key to using or casting both spells. While casting Protego is relatively easier, casting Stupefy can take a tad bit of time to fully learn.

hogwarts legacy learn enemy counters

Nevertheless, once your enemy is staggered or stunned, use the Basic casts on them to eliminate them. We suggest taking the enemies down before they regain and are ready for combat, again. In addition to that, you can use other spell combos too. The goal here is to cause as much damage as possible before your enemies are up again. As you unlock more spells, you can use Accio or Levioso to bring your enemies closer.

If you are confused about using the counterspells, check out our detailed guide on how to use Stupefy and Protego for more insight. Also, while you are here at it, check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki page for everything related to the game.

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