How To Use Stupefy And Protego To Stun And Counter In Hogwarts Legacy

Use the Stupefy & Protego counterattack combo in Hogwarts Legacy to stun your enemies.

Wondering how to do the Stupefy and Protego counterattack combo in Hogwarts Legacy then you’re at the right place. In this magical adventure, you’ll fight tons of Dark Wizards and hostile creatures. To keep them in check, you’ll learn many curses and jinxes. One of the early ones you’ll learn is Stupefy and Protego. However, using the stunning spell is unlike other spells. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to stun enemies.

How To Use Stupefy And Protego In Hogwarts Legacy

Use Stupefy in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll come across these two spells in the prologue of Hogwarts Legacy. Stupefy allows you to stun your opponents for a short duration and Protego casts a shield around you. Together, they act as the block and parry mechanics of this game.

To use Stupefy in Hogwarts Legacy, hold the Protego button right before the enemy hits you. In PS5, press the triangle button to cast Protego and hold it to counter stun using Stupefy. For Xbox users, press and hold the Y button to perform this counterattack combo.

Now seems quite easy but the game does not specify how you can go wrong. Many players faced an issue while performing this combo. The major mistake was pressing the Triangle or the Y button twice. We understand that it is a widely used mechanic and it’ll be difficult to alter your muscle memory. But, in Hogwarts Legacy, all you have to do is simply hold the button to perform this combo.

As you progress, you can unlock the Talents called Stupefy Mastery and Stupefy Expertise to deal damage along with stunning the enemy. One of the best things about the stunning spell is that it does not take space on the Spell Diamond. So you can use it along with four other offensive spells to perform lethal combos.

That’s all from us on how to use Stupefy and Protego in Hogwarts Legacy. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you visit our Wiki article for more such content.