LoL Ranks: Ranking System In League Of Legends Explained

Confused about the ranks in LOL? Here's everything to know about the League of Legends ranks and its ranking system.

Like most of the popular online multiplayer games, League of Legends or LoL features a ranking system. You can climb the ranking leaderboard to earn several rewards and flex your skills. But due to the recent updates, several new changes have been added to the League’s ranking system. This has several players wondering about the current ranks and the ranking system. So, here’s everything to know about the League of Legends ranks and its ranking system.

League of Legends (LoL) Ranks & Ranking System Explained

league of legends ranks ranking system

The League of Legends comprises nine tiers using a ranking system named the League system. These ranks in LOL represent the general skill level of the players. So, here are all the League ranks:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger

Unlike the usual yearly split, LoL Season 13 brought several changes to the ranking system. The new system implemented by Riot Games features two ranked splits in a season. So, at the end of each season, the players can earn several rewards based on the Split Points they earn. You can get the SP by winning as well as losing the ranked matches.

Here are the following SP you can earn from the ranked matches:

  • Winning a Match: +10 SP
  • Losing a Match: +6 SP

How to Get Ranked in LOL

You can unlock and play ranked matches in the League of Legends by reaching level 30. Once unlocked, you must complete ten placement matches to get a rank. If you perform well in these placement matches, you can get a higher rank. While if you perform poorly, you can get a lower rank.

After unlocking the ranks, you will need the League Points to climb the leaderboard. You can gain or lose League Points by winning and losing the ranked matches. The amount of LP earned or lost depends on the Match Making Rating (MMR) relative to their rank. If your rank match and MMR match, the baseline LP gain and loss sets at ± 25.

Keeping that in mind, also note that your rank can get demoted and promoted. This is called Demotion and Promotion respectively. Speaking of the Promotion, it is determined by the next of the three matches. So, you must win two out of three matches to advance and get promoted to the next rank.

Similarly, Demotion occurs when you hit the 0 LP from ranked matches. As you hit the 0 LP, losing a ranked match can result in a potential demoted rank. When the demotion is about to hit, you will see a red warning icon. This denotes that losing a couple of next-ranked matches can result in Rank Demotion.

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