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What is Lethality & How It Works In League of Legends?

Did you just got killed in one hit? How did this happen? You will need to learn about Armor penetration.

League of Legends has different stats that define the strength and weaknesses of an enemy. If you run into a random enemy that can throw you off ground in one hit then it means the player comes with high Lethality. It is one of the four Armor Penetration Stats of League of Legends. I am going to explain to you all four in detail in this guide. This can be highly useful for you to understand opponents’ strengths as well you can focus well on your upgrades. Added in 2017 it is a bonus stats added to replace the flat armor penetration. AD Champions must not ignore Lethality in LoL. Because it will amplify your heavy damage and also destroy a small amount of enemies’ armor. Here is all about LoL Lethality.

What is Lethality & How It Works In League of Legends?

Below is the formula where Lethality grants you flat armor penetration. If you are finding this tricky to understand then here is a scenario. If you are Level 1 you will get 60% of Flat Armor Penetration with Lethality Stats. When you keep on leveling up your Lethality will increase 0.4 times per level divided by 18. The stats work by reducing the opponent’s armor at the time of dealing damage. It boosts the physical damage of the player and also reduces enemies’ armor. This can give you a simple explanation of how real this armor works and how effective it is in League of Legends.

LoL Lethality Stats

Here is the list of items that grant Lethality in League of Legends:

  1. Duskblade of Draktharr
  2. Eclipse
  3. Prowler’s Claw
  4. Serpent’s Fang
  5. Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  6. The Collector
  7. Umbral Glaive
  8. Edge of Night

The above items do not grant you event Lethality stats. The highest Lethality is provided by the first 5 items. You can get around 18 Lethality from each. 6th and 7th item provides 12 while the last one grants only 10 Lethality. It is necessary to find the right item to get the max to boost your armor penetration. Avoid using this against players who build and use a lot of armors. Lethality is not going to help you much against them. Because they can counter Lethality with more armors, so the effect of these stats falls down. The best thing about the stats it works against any ability that causes damage. So it does not has restricted usage or attached to a specific ability. You can apply this straight to the game. You can also stack lethality items that will allow you do more damage in League of Legends.