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Who Is Ahri In League Of Legends? [ASU Release Date]

Here is everything you should know about Ahri and her ASU Release Date in League.

Similar to the Caitlyn ASU in 2021, another Champion known as Ahri was made unavailable for a while. The reason for her temporary absence from League of Legends was an ASU as well. If you are not a regular League player, then you may not be aware of these things. Hence, here is a guide that features everything about the character of Ahri and her ASU release date in League of Legends.

Ahri Character Introduction in League of Legends

Cunning as a Fox, Ahri is one of the most popular Champions in League of Legends. In appearance, she looks like a divine female character with nine tails. Having a strange connection with the Runeterra, a magical realm, she is a Vastaya. FYI, Vastaya is a race existing in Runeterra that is formed from the parts of different animals. Speaking of Ahri’s role in League, she is a Mage-type character who loves who toy with her prey.

Who Is Ahri In League Of Legends

Ahri can easily decimate an opponent with the help of her ability to transform Magic into energy orbs. That’s not it as she looks further into torturing her prey. To be precise, she can overpower her opponent’s mind to trigger their worst emotions before plucking out their soul. On the contrary, Ahri is also known to be an empath as she experiences others’ feelings while looking into their soul. Ahri is truly a masterpiece character introduced in League of Legends.

Ahri ASU Release Date in LoL – When is she Coming Back?

First of all, ASU stands for Art and Sustainable Update in which a Champion (character) is pulled back for a rework on their visual appearance. After staying out of the iconic League of Legends roster for months, she is all set to make a return in 2023. According to a tweet made by League of Legends devs themselves, the Ahri ASU is expected to release with League of Legends patch update 13.3, which is on February 8, 2023.

That covers everything about the character of Ahri and her ASU release date in League of Legends. While you are here, make sure to check out our other LoL Guides on Gamer Tweak.