How To Get Lazy Shell Weapon & Armor In Super Mario RPG

Looking for the Lazy Shell Weapon and Armor in Super Mario RPG? Here is everything you need to know in order to get these items.

One of the most powerful Weapon and Armor you can own is the Lazy Shell in Super Mario RPG. Many players consider this the best items in the game. Getting your hands on this can prove to be extremely helpful, especially if you are looking to level up. The steps to get it are quite simple and we have explained the entire process, below.

Super Mario RPG: How to Get Lazy Shell Weapon and Armor

How To Get Lazy Shell In Super Mario RPG
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You can get them both by giving two specific items to the Gardener who resides in Rose Town. These two items are Seed and Fertilizer. To understand how you can get both these items, keep reading.

You can easily find the Seed when you are on the way to Nimbus Land. When you pass through the Bean Valley, you will have to fight the boss named Megasmilax. Once you have defeated him, a note will appear, read it and click on the ‘Take it’ option to get the Seed.

You will be able to get the Fertilizer only after you have defeated Valentina and completed the Nimbus Land Chapter. Go to the right side of this land and walk towards the end of the town. You will find an invisible path, after walking for some time, you will see Beezos. Interact with him and after a few exchanges of dialogue, he will give you the Fertilizer to get rid of you.

Now that you have both these items, you can fast-travel back to Rose Town and follow the path leading north. When you follow this path, you will come across a house, enter it, and interact with Toad Gardener. After talking to him for a while, you can hand the Seed and Fertilizer to him. You will then have to wait for a while for the Giant Beanstalk to grow. Climb up the Beanstalk and you will land on a cloud-like surface. You will see two treasure chests floating mid-air. Jump and hit both of them to collect the Lazy Shells Weapon and Armor.

How to Use Lazy Shell in Super Mario RPG

You can take full advantage of both these items if you equip it on Mario, his physical moves will be boosted as well as his Attack Stat. Although, most players equip it on Peach, as it is more beneficial if she uses it. The armor will help her stay safe, even while being attacked. Since her primary duty is healing, she can take care and heal those attacked.

This is everything you need to know about getting the Lazy Shell in Super Mario RPG. If this is your current favorite game, make sure to check out our Super Mario RPG section, right here on Gamer Tweak.