How to Jump In The Last Of Us Part 2 – Sprint Jump Guide

There two types of jump in The Last Of Us Part 2, a regular jump and sprint jump. Here are PS4 controls on how to jump.

The Last Of Us Part 2 is intense. On one side, you will be dealing with Infected and on the second side, human enemies. Driven by revenge, there is a lot to explore in this game. Certain controls are highly important to learn and remember. For example the Sprint Jump movement in TLOU2. This jump will help you to cover a bigger distance and here is how to perform a jump in Last of Us 2.

How to Jump and Sprint Jump in TLOU2?

To jump Press X. This one is a regular Jump in The Last of Us 2, and to Sprint Jump Hold L1 and press X. In this way you will run and jump, this will help you to cover bigger gaps and cling to the other edge. Mostly when you are playing as Abby you will be using this while walking and exploring the region. Sprint Jump also helps you to evade enemies faster.

  • How to Jump: Press X.
  • How to sprint Jump: Hold L1 + X.

There are more controls you must learn to survive in the game. For example Stealth Kill, using the Listening ability to spot enemies and a lot more. To help we have a separate guide on the TLOU2 Controls Guide. In this article you can find all controls starting from a basic movement that includes jump, crouching, crawling to melee combat, and using medkits.

The Last of Us 2 is well crafted and you won’t much struggle to learn. But what matters is using them at the right spot. Infected are pretty strong in the game, if they grab you it is hard to getaway. Also, you will be losing health really fast if you attract too much attention. So here having patience and learning the Stealth Kill is the best combination.

We will update a lot of short and important tips on The Last of Us 2, you can check our wiki guide for more details.