Yurgir BG3: Should You Kill Or Save Him? (Choice Guide)

To save or kill Yurgir in BG3, that's the question. Check out our guide to find out if you should kill Yurgir in Baldur's Gate 3.

If you are confused if you should kill Yurgir in Baldur’s Gate 3, you wouldn’t want any unwanted consequences affecting the storyline quests or companions. Since he is a devil who’s no saint like Karlach, players might kill him straight away. But killing or saving Yurgir has certain outcomes, so you might want to think it through. For those that want to avoid a conflict, you can also make Yurgir kill himself in BG3 using some checks. But should you beat Yurgir or save him? Check out our guide to find out all the consequences of killing and saving him.

Should You Kill Yurgir in BG3?

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Yes, you can kill Yurgir in BG3 if you want to gain the approval of Astarion and Raphael. If you chose to not kill Yurgir, it will gain the disapproval of Astarion. And you won’t be able to find the meaning of the runes on Astarion’s back from Raphael. Even though it doesn’t restrict Astarion’s questline, you might not unlock him as a Romance option.

For those that pity this Devil, you can also save Yurgir in BG3 by breaking Raphael’s contract. But for that, you must kill all the Rats and find the last Dark Justiciar. But due to this, you may lose Raphael and Astarion’s approval. So, we recommend killing Yurgir.

The easiest way to kill Yurgir in Baldur’s Gate 3 will be to choose the Attack option when you face him. This will pit you against the Merregons, Displacer, and the Yurgir making it a challenging battle. The Yurgir will attack you from the higher ground with the Crossbow with an additional bonus on Attack rolls. He can also throw some bombs as a ranged attack. Note that the Merregons will try to put off the Braziers to gain an advantage from the Darkness.

But if you want to avoid combat or conflict, there is an easier option.

How to Make Yurgir Kill Himself in BG3

Since he is a fan of unfair bargains, you can trick Yurgir into killing himself in Baldur’s Gate 3. For that, you must choose the correct choices by passing the Charisma checks. As soon as you encounter Yurgir, you must inquire about his contract with Raphael.

Here are all the correct dialogue options in order if you want Yurgir to kill himself in BG3:

  • I’ll burrow my fist into your chest if you don’t stop mouthing off.
  • Wait – you know Raphael?
  • He wants you dead.
  • Show me this contract. Perhaps there’s something you missed.
  • Raphael wanted you to kill Dark Justiciars? Why?
  • The lyrics are a trick. You’ve always had an audience – your followers. Get rid of them. [Persuasion]
    • DC 16 Charisma Check
  • You’re not finished yet – the displacer can hear you, can’t she? Kill her. [Persuasion]
    • DC 21 Charisma Check
  • Exactly. Kill yourself, coward. Then you’ll return to Avernus. You’ll be free. [Persuasion]
    • DC 21 Charisma Check

If you fail any of the above Charisma checks, it will lead to a battle against Yurgir and your party members, directly. While talking to Yurgir initially, it will gain you disapproval from Astarion since he wants to kill him right away. But once you convince him into killing himself, you will gain approval from Astarion and Shadowheart.

That’s all about if you should kill Yurgir in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out if you should accept or refuse Raphael’s deal, if you should help the Emperor or not, and explore more Baldur’s Gate 3 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.