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Should You Accept Or Refuse Raphael’s Deal In BG3 For Orphic Hammer?

Not sure if you should deal with the devil? Here is what happens when you take or refuse Raphael's deal in Baldur's Gate 3.

As you progress the Act 3 of the game, one of the choices that you will face is whether to accept or refuse Raphael’s deal in Baldur’s Gate 3. Like many choices in the game, this one too comes at a price. But what makes this one interesting is, that you don’t get to see its consequences until later in the game. To make things better, if you don’t mind playing the role of a bad guy, you can both get the advantages of the offer and not face any consequences. So here is what happens when you take or reject Raphael’s offer in BG3 and how you can get the Orphic Hammer.

Should You Take or Refuse Raphael’s Deal in Baldur’s Gate 3

should you take or reject Raphaels offer in BG3
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For an easier playthrough, Yes, you should accept Raphael’s deal. But just make sure you don’t complete your end of the bargain. Raphael will offer you Orphic Hammer in exchange for the crown controlling the Elder Brain. The thing is, he gives you the hammer as soon as you accept his offer. So there is no reason for you to uphold your part of the contract.

While it may sound evil or you may feel bad, handing him the crown can have worse consequences. The most noticeable one is your party disapproving of you. So even if you do take up the deal do not see through it to the end.

In case you are wondering about what happens if you refuse the offer. Practically nothing, mainly because you can always reconsider his offer and accept his deal later on. But if you want to have a righteous playthrough and are worried about losing out on the Orphic Hammer. Then worry not, you can still steal it from his house later on. We will check how to get it in a bit, but here is what happens when you refuse or take up his offer.

Accepting Raphael’s Deal in BG3

As mentioned before, accepting his deal will give you access to the Orphic hammer. You can then use it to free Orpheus, (you will have to betray the Emperor in the process). This will make Lae’zel in your party happy.

Refusing Raphael’s Offer

If you refuse Raphael, he won’t be very happy about it but will give you the option to reconsider his deal. Rejecting him isn’t a problem at all if you don’t want to save Orpheus.

How to Get Orphic Hammer after Rejecting Raphael

  1. Make sure you don’t kill Yurgir when doing the Gauntlet of Shar quest.
  2. Talk to Yurgir and find out about House of Hope (Raphael’s house).
  3. Go to the House of hope.
  4. Steal the hammer from here.

How to Use Orphic Hammer

You use the Orphic hammer to break crystals that power the Minor Orb of Domination that has Orpheus trapped in it. Destroy both of them and you will free Orpheus.

That’s all the outcomes of when you accept or refuse Raphael’s deal in Baldur’s Gate 3. Be sure to check out our BG3 section for more help on other topics of this game.

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