Should You Kill Or Spare Rusty In Starfield?

Wondering if you should kill or spare Rusty in Starfield? Here is a guide with everything you need to know about both the choices and what you will gain from them.

Wondering whether to kill or spare Rusty in Starfield? During their trip to the cyberpunk city of Neon, players will come across an old lady named Katherine Luzion in one of the stores. Talking to her you will soon realise that her husband Thomas has passed away due to uncertain reasons. Investigating further you will come to know that a man named Rusty Becker has killed Katherine’s husband for a few credits. With everything you know, you will have the option to either kill the man guilty of the charge or spare his life. Since confronting him will let you gain some rewards from Katherine, here is what you should do when faced with the options.

Should You Spare or Kill Rusty in Starfield?

Should You Spare Or Kill Rusty In Starfield

Before deciding to either kill or spare Rusty, it is worth mentioning that your decision won’t affect anything going further in Starfield. Players will be able to gain the same reward for informing Katherine about the matter and how they dealt with it. Having said that, we would recommend you to spare Rusty of his crime in the game. Doing this will help you increase your persuasion skills which will come in handy later on while talking to important NPCs. With it, you will also gain some XP in the game.

However, if you are looking for some credits you can kill Rusty instead of sparing him in Starfield. This would help you have some credits as a loot. It wouldn’t even take much time for players to defeat him. He is not much of a strong NPC in the game. Along with the credits, he will have a laser pistol called Solstice at his disposal. Once you have dealt with this situation accordingly, you can head back to Katherine. Here you can inform her about it or choose not to. After doing so, she will rightfully hand over 6200 credits to you in the game.

According to us with everything considered, sparing Rusty instead of killing him is the better option in Starfield. The persuasion skill is very helpful when you come across different characters. And killing him only results in a few credits which you get by doing any other quest in the game. We leave that decision to you so that you can explore accordingly.

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