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Sniper Elite 5: List Of All Kill Challenges & How To Beat Them

Here is a list of all the Kill Challenges in Sniper Elite 5 & how you can beat them.

Sniper Elite 5 is the latest installment in the Series by Rebellion Developments. It brings back the feels of scoping to your target against real-world variables and hitting near-impossible shots. The game as simple as shooting with a rich & complex backstory makes for a really fun time. Along with the lore of the game, there are 8 Main Missions that you will have to complete. Each Mission will have the main target that you will have to kill. Which is fine and all but there is a spicer way of doing it than the ordinary method. Each Mission has a Kill Challenge. It is a bonus Challenge during your Missions. In this guide, I will show all of the Kill Challenges in Sniper Elite 5 & how you can beat them.


All Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenges

kill challenges sniper elite 5

In Sniper Elite 5, Kill Challenges are bonus tasks that grant the player more rewards. There is one of them in each mission, i.e. 8 Kill Challenges to complete. They are usually on the final target of the corresponding Mission & you will be notified with a prompt on your screen. The Kill Challenges that you can do in Elite Sniper 5 are:


  • First: Mission 1 – Kill Beckendorf with an Explosive.
  • Second: Mission 2 – Kill Kummler by using the Chateau Chandeliers.
  • Third: Mission 3 – Slay Richter by a Stealth Takedown.
  • Fourth: Mission 4 – Assassinate Ehrlich by using a Rat Bomb.
  • Fifth: Mission 5 – Beat Lanzo Baumann by Burying him in Concrete.
  • Sixth: Mission 6 – Kill Trautmann with Poison.
  • Seventh: Mission 7 – Use a V2 Rocket to slay Dr. Christian Junger.
  • Eighth: Mission 8 – Use a Japanese Weapon to Assassinate Yoshikawa.

As you can see, there are some interesting ways of completing these Challenges. These Kill Challenges are not as tough to execute as the situation will allow you to kill each Target without the need of setting up the Challenge.

Kill Challenge 1: Kill Beckendorf with an Explosive


You will need to kill Beckendorf with an Explosive that you can get from the Armory. To know more about it, check our guide on Steffen Beckendorf on our website.

Kill Challenge 2: Kill Kummler by using the Chateau’s Chandeliers

Once you get into position, you will have to wait for Kummler to get under the Chandelier. As gets under it, aim at the chain of the Chandelier and shoot it once it is highlighted in Red. If Kummler does not wish to stand there by himself, kill everyone else and knock him unconscious. This will make it easier than waiting.


Kill Challenge 3: Slay Richter by a Stealth Takedown

Stealth Takedowns are not easy, especially when your Target is roaming with an entourage. Richter will be near the meeting room. Being sneaky is the key here. Make sure to save whenever you can. You could try and Stealth Takedown certain Guards & parts of the entourage.

Kill Challenge 4 in Sniper Elite 5: Assassinate Ehrlich by using a Rat Bomb

This mission is similar to the first one. You will get the Rat Bomb at the beginning of the mission. Be Silent & Stealthy, plant the bomb near the Target, and kaboom.

Kill Challenge 5: Beat Lanzo Baumann by Burying him in Concrete

This one may seem like it will be a difficult one. Well, if your Target is not moving then it’s not as tough. Just simply knock Lanzo out and drag him near a Cement mixer. You will see that there is a fresh Cement layer. Drop him in it or break the Wooden scaffolding under him. After a while, you will get the Challenge completed.

Kill Challenge 6 in Sniper Elite 5: Kill Trautmann with Poison

Once you have collected the Bottle of Poison from the wooden box next to the stairs, you will need to spike a drink. Climb up the stairs and you find a glass near the room where Trautmann is in. Carefully pour the Poison into the glass & then knock on the door. Don’t worry as he will not exit the room till you knock on the door. Once you do, hide quickly as possible and watch him drink the Poison.

Kill Challenge 7: Use a V2 Rocket to slay Dr. Christian Junger

This is another pretty simple Kill Challenge in Sniper Elite 5. In the Weapon’s Lab, you will find a few weapons that the V2 Rocket will be there. As usual, sneak around the place till you can get to the stairs. Go to the upper level & takedown the Guard there. Now just wait till Junger walks under the V2 Rocket and then just shoot the chains.

Kill Challenge 8: Use a Japanese Weapon to Assassinate Yoshikawa

For this Kill Challenge, you just need a Japanese gun. You can get one after completing the 5th Kill Challenge, the Type 100. Get it from the Workbench before the Mission and make sure to assassinate Yoshikawa with it. I would suggest whipping it out only when you are going to face him.

This was all about the Kill Challenges in Sniper Elite 5. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How To Invade Friends in Sniper Elite 5.