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Sniper Elite 5: How To Invade Friends? (Answered)

Wondering how to invade friends in Sniper Elite 5? Check out this article.

Sniper Elite 5 follows the story of Karl Fairburne as he tries to stop the secret Nazi project ‘Project Kraken’. The game is fun to play solo but for those who love playing it with friends there are a few multiplayer options that you can look into. The game also features an Axis Invasion Mode where you play the Elite German Sniper Jäger. This begs the question how to invade your friends and play multiplayer in Sniper Elite 5. Let’s check it out.

How to Invade Friends in Sniper Elite 5?


Multiplayer Game Modes Sniper Elite 5

Axis Invasion allows you to invade Campaigns but you can’t select the Campaigner you want to attack. Basically you cannot invade your friends in Sniper Elite 5. But if you do want to play with friends then these are a few multiplayer options you can explore.

Sniper Elite 5 allows access to the versus Multiplayer of course but also the Survival Mode and Co-Op Game where one can either Host a co-op game or join a co-op game.


Multiplayer Mode

The Multiplayer mode has Team Match, Squad Match, Free-For-All and a Custom Game which ensures you play only with your friends in a session. This will enable you to explore parts of the map in short games.

Survival Mode


Survival Mode needs you to counter waves of enemy attacks and defend several command posts. The game mode is endless and you will have to use multiple weapons at disposal to counter as many waves as you can before the enemy kills you.

Co-Op mode

Co-Op mode enables you to journey the campaign with another player. You can either Host a game or join your friend in a game.


So Multiplayer, Survival and Co-op are the best modes if you want to play with one or more friends in Sniper Elite 5. Axis Invasion is a fun to play mode where you try and ruin other’s Campaigns but the choice of Invasion is sadly out of your hands.

That’s all you need on how to invade friends and play multiplayer in Sniper Elite 5. If you are just starting the game make sure you check out Sniper Elite 5 Workbench Locations Guide and other guides, tips and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.