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What Is Axis Invasion In Sniper Elite 5?

Are you just starting Sniper Elite 5 and wondering what the Axis Invasion is? We have you covered.

Sniper Elite 5 is a third-person shooter video game and is the sequel to Sniper Elite 4. The game features several levels of gameplay where tactics will help you come out victorious. Axis Invasion is one of the game modes that you can select from in Sniper Elite 5. The other game modes involve Campaign , Survival Mode, Multiplayer and Co-op games that you can join or host. If you are wondering what is Axis Invasion in Sniper Elite 5 then keep reading below.

What is Axis Invasion Game Mode in Sniper Elite 5?


Sniper Elite 5 Game Modes

Axis Invasion allows you to play as the Sniper Jäger, an elite German Sniper. As Jäger you join other player’s Campaign with the objective of hunting them before they do the same to you. The game matches you with other players on the server looking for a match.

The question which comes across player’s mind is whether they can turn this invasion off. Yes they can, Axis Invasion can be turned off from Game Settings. Since the game is new and a lot of users are trying it, there is a chance that you might face a lot of invasions. You can just turn that off.


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Things to remember if you are playing as Jäger in Axis Invasion Mode –

  • The Campaigners will love to target you.
  • Blending among the German Soldiers will give you a good cover.
  • You can even use other German Soldiers to know a general location of your enemies. Tag the soldiers and notice the color of arrows over their head. Blue means normal, Yellow means they have sensed some danger, Red means they know where the enemy is.
  • Be careful before you scope in. Scoping in creates a flash like effect which might reveal your position.
  • You might face more than one enemy so be ready for it.


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