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Who Is The Top Twitch Streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa (Amouranth)?

Don't know who is Kaitlyn Siragusa (Amouranth)? Here's all the info you need.

Twitch streamers make headlines for many reasons and one of them is Kaitlyn Siragusa aka Amouranth. She is the top female streamer on Twitch and she’s also a cosplayer, costume designer, model and Youtuber. Here’s more about her background and journey of becoming the most watched streamer on Twitch.

Who is Amouranth aka Popular Twitch Streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa?


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Kaitlyn was born in Houston Texas on December 2nd 1993 and at the time of writing, her Twitch account has over 4 million followers. Her history with Twitch has been controversial because she was banned from the platform. Like other bans, the reason was not informed to her but she did take the opportunity to promote her accounts on other platforms. The ban was temporary and now she is back to being active on Twitch.

Amouranth streams mostly in the ASMR (specializing in ‘ear licking ASMR’) and ‘just chatting’ format. But she has also dabbled in hot tub streaming and used to play games like Pokemon during her streams. This brought in quite a lot of the gaming fans in her community.


In May, Twitch disabled her ad revenue on Twitch but then reinstated them soon after. She tweeted that Twitch didn’t reach out in any way but noticed after the ad revenue vanished from her channel analytics.

Also, in a Twitter thread on August 14, 2021, Amouranth revealed that there was a fire along the side of her house. The cause of the fire is not yet determined but investigators suspect arson. That’s not all – she tweeted that, back in 2020, someone tried to shoot fireworks at her house under the guise of July 4th firework festivities.

Amouranth Net Worth 2021


Twitch streamers, especially the most-watched ones like Kaitlyn Siragusa aka Amouranth take home a lot of income. Due to her incomes from Patreon, Twitch and others, her net worth is approximately $2 million or more.

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