Fire Force Online: How To Join White Clad

Read this guide to join the White Clad and create chaos and destruction in Fire Force Online.

Joining the White Clad will let you be evil and destroy peace in Fire Force Online. After becoming a part of this faction, you will be a rival to the Fire Force. Fighting, killing, stealing, and raiding will be your primary tasks in this organization. So, if you are looking to become one of those bad guys, then keep scrolling.

How to Join White Clad in Fire Force Online

Defeat Infernal Demon Kid To Join White Clad In Fire Force Online
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To become a part of the White Clad in Fire Force Online, you need to walk on the path of evil. Take a look below to know more about it:

Get the Thief Rank

Start doing tasks that are morally wrong to drop your reputation and earn the Thief Rank. You can pickpocket NPCs, sell their cats and cars in the black market, steal from the Old Man, or leave the Old Woman in between the road while crossing streets to drop your reputation. So to be a part of White Clad, you need to do embrace the evil within in Fire Force Online. Once you have done enough evil jobs, an NPC known as Sho will appear and take you to to the Wilderness.

Fight the Infernal Kid

Here are the steps to follow in the Wilderness:

  1. Once you are in the Wilderness, Sho will test your evil mind and tell you to give a bug to a Child.
  2. Giving the bug will turn him into an Infernal Demon.
  3. Fight this Infernal Kid to become a member of the White Clad.

After you have completed the above tasks sucessfuly, you can access the White Clad members and start all the evil things. You will unlock the phone where you can see missions and start completing them. You can also train yourself and become more powerful.

So, this concludes this guide on how to be a part of the White Clad in Fire Force Online. If you are not evil and want to join the good guys, here is an article on how to Join Fire Force. Also, read how to upgrade your Armor to boost your durability.