How To Get And Upgrade Armor In Fire Force Online

Armor will improve your durability in Fire Force Online. Here is how you can get one. Also, know how to upgrade it.

If you want to boost your character’s durability, buy an Armor and upgrade it in Fire Force Online. You can take less damage which will enhance your combat abilities. It will also make your character look better. However, getting one is very confusing, so let us find out how you can find and upgrade it.

How to Find Armor and Upgrade it in Fire Force Online

Blacksmith In Fire Force Online
Image Source: ItzSmilez

You can buy Armor in the Fire Force HQ in Fire Force Online. There is also an option to upgrade it there. Follow the steps to find the headquarters:

Find the Fire Force HQ

  1. After you spawn in the game, head towards the Wilderness away from the city.
  2. You will have to climb cliffs to get there.
  3. Keep moving forward, clearing all the cliffs in your way.
  4. After you have covered a significant distance in the Wilderness, you will reach the Fire Force HQ.
  5. You will see many buildings here. Try to find the main HQ building.

Find the Blacksmith

  1. Enter and climb the stairs on the right side of the headquarters.
  2. On the first floor, find the Blacksmith’s room.
  3. It will be the second room from the stairs.

Buy Armor in Fire Force Online

  1. There will be Fire Proof Outfit and Fire Force Overalls for $700.
  2. Both have the same durability but have different looks.
  3. Choose which Armor you want for your character.

Upgrade Armor

  1. In the same room, you will find the Blacksmith.
  2. Talk to him to upgrade your Armor.
  3. You can choose to upgrade Durability, Fire Resistance, and Utility.
  4. Each one will cost $500 and five Cores.

So, that was everything on how to get an upgrade Armor in Fire Force Online. You might also want to know how to get Ability Points in FFO, here’s our guide that will help you.