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How To Get Ability Points In Fire Force Online

If you're having trouble getting your hands on the Ability Points, then here's how you can farm it in Roblox FFO.

Just like you, many players are having trouble acquiring the Ability Points in Roblox Fire Force Online. That’s because the game doesn’t really describe much about the mechanics and lets the player figure it out on their own. However, the lack of info is really confusing the players which is ruining their gameplay experience. If you’ve already awakened your first ability but have no more points left to unlock the next one, then we’re here to help. Below we have explained everything about how you can farm the Ability Points quickly in Roblox FFO.

How to Farm Ability Points in Fire Force Online

How to Unlock Ability Points in Fire Force Online skill tree AP farming in FFO
Source Image: ItzSmilez

The only way to unlock & farm Ability Points in Fire Force Online, you’ll have to climb up the ranks. According to ItzSmilez YT, after every 2 ranks you get 1 AP, but that only applies until you hit Rank 5. And once you’re on Rank 5, you’ll only receive 1 AP after every 5 to 6 Ranks. And for those who are unaware, players only get up to 6 Ability points in the early stages of the game. So it seems, the first two points are made available easily to help the player get the hang of the mechanics. However, the real grind will start after reaching Rank 5.

Once you have the Ability Points in Fire Force Online, simply go ahead and invest them into the Abilities to reach your full potential. Players can find their abilities by pressing M and selecting the Skill Tree. The abilities nodes can be identified by their purple color located on the southeast side of the Skill Tree. If there’s no branch there, then it means you are on Generation 1. But if it’s visible to you, then don’t hesitate to use the Ability points. It is also recommended to save 2 AP for your Subclass that will be unlocked once you reach Rank 25.

That sums up all about how you can unlock & farm Ability Points (AP) in Roblox Fire Force Online (FFO). If you’ve stacked up the points but are dicey about the abilities you should invest in, then check out our Best Abilities Tier list. Also, take a look at the Fire Force Online codes to get free reroll and other rewards.