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Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List (September 2023)

Here's the tier list for Fire Force Online with the best abilities ranked.

Fire Force Online can look for the best abilities using this tier list. While fighting other players, your abilities and your clan will make a major difference. So if you are wondering which are the best clans, you should check out our clan tier list. Keep in mind, getting all these abilities is not going to be easy. Do note that it is quite possible that you might not agree with the rankings mentioned. However, they are based on our experience with the game and are subject to change with any future updates to the game.

Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List (September 2023)

Best FFO Abilities Tier List

The S Tier abilities have been quite amazing and players should keep an eye out for them. However, players should also know that they will need the correct synergy between abilities and clans. Since it is somewhat directly related, different abilities might not benefit them as much as it would with another clan. Along with that, there are different Generations of abilities and that might also come in to play. Here’s the Fire Force Online abilities tier list:

S Tier Abilities in FFO

Here are the best abilities that Fire Force Online players can look for:

  • Devils Footprint
  • Explosion

A Tier Abilities in Fire Force Online

A Tier abilities are quite good and once used in proper synergy with clans, they are equally useful:

  • Excalibur 
  • Lightning
  • Grand Hands
  • Liberation Fists 

B Tier Abilities in FFO

Here are the B Tier abilities that players might find useful in the start to mid game phase:

  • Sakura
  • Gun
  • Pilebunker
  • Axe n’ Gun

C Tier Abilities in FFO

Players should discard C Tier abilities as soon as possible and get the other ones:

  • Shield
  • Sickle
  • Sputter

Hopefully, you managed to pick the best abilities with this Fire Force Online tier list. Since you are playing this Roblox game, do check out the Fire Force Online Trello if you need certain details on the game.