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Fire Force Online Clans Tier List (September 2023) – Best Clans

Here's the tier list for Fire Force Online with the best clans ranked.

Since you would want to have the best clans in your Fire Force Online team, this tier list is exactly what you need if you are looking to add more to your team. The game is one of those few engaging RPGs on Roblox based on the anime Fire Force and if you want to win, you will need the best clans on your team. Although it is quite possible that you might not agree with the rankings we have given, they are based on our experience with the game and are subject to change with any future updates to the game.

Note – All Common Clans have been ranked below the C Tier. Since they are not really that great as you go further, players should get rid of them as soon as possible.

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Fire Force Online Clans Tier List (September 2023)

FFO Clans Tier List Roblox

While getting the S Tier clans in FFO is difficult, you should certainly try to get as many of them since they have excellent perks and abilities. As you fight your enemies, the Legendary and Rare clans will be the handy ones. You might want to check out the FFO Trello page if you are new to the game and want to get accustomed to it. Here’s the Fire Force Online clans tier list that you are looking for.

S Tier Clans in FFO

Here are the best clans that you can look for from this Fire Force Online tier list:

  • Dragon
  • Kusakabe
  • Shinmon
  • Burns

A Tier Clans in Fire Force Online

While A Tier Clans are definitely good, they are not as powerful as the top ones. Nevertheless, if you get the chance to pick any of these, we recommend you should do so:

  • Obi
  • Montgomery
  • Kotatsu
  • DFresh

B Tier Clans in FFO

Although they will be useful in the mid-game stage, players will find it difficult to use them later on.

  • Sagamiya
  • Kakame
  • Mori

C Tier Clans in FFO

C Tier Clans are only better when compared to the common clans. However, they won’t fair well against the Legendary and the Rare Clans.

  • Oze
  • Son
  • Oji

That’s all we have from this Fire Force Online Clans Tier list. If you found this guide useful and love playing Roblox Games, you might want to check out our dedicated section for more such guides right here at Gamer Tweak.