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Fire Force Online Trello Link & Discord Server (Official)

Want the verified FFO Trello for more info? Find out the official Fire Force Online Trello link and the Discord Server for this Roblox game.

With the official Fire Force Online Trello link, you can gain access to all the latest updates about this Roblox game. Inspired by the popular Shonen anime, Fire Force, this Roblox game has gained quite a popularity with over 1.1 million visits. As Trello links are officially released by the developers, you can find out a great deal of info, tips, strategy, and tier lists.

Like most Roblox games, FFO Trello allows players an insight into the game with details. But since verified Trello links are hard to come by, it can be a bit tricky to find them for the latest info. Don’t worry, our guide has got you covered along with the Fire Force Online Discord server links to connect with other Roblox players and friends.

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Fire Force Online Trello Link

fire force online trello link discord server

Here’s the official Trello Link for the Fire Force Online:

Once you head to the above officially verified Trello link, you can find plenty of information about FFO. Since this Trello link is public, you don’t have to sign in or create a new account to gain access. However, you can access information about its gameplay mechanics and in-game systems. These include Controls, Credits, Reputation, GUIS, Ranking systems, and more.

Here’s the gist of all the information you can find on the official FFO Trello link:


Fire Force-related

  • Fire Force
  • Alloy
  • Xavier

White Clad Related

  • White Clad
  • Todo

Sub-Classes Info

  • Scientist
  • Assassin
  • Engineer
  • Priest Berserker

Trainers & Sub-class Border

  • Stronghold
  • Ezio
  • David
  • Bazuka
  • Galen
  • Volcano
  • Igor Issac

Mobs (Infernals)

  • Brawler
  • Devil
  • Demon
  • Bloater
  • Oni
  • Summoner
  • Berserker
  • Crawler
  • Sho Kusakabe

Events Info

  • Supplies
  • Car Thief
  • Old Man
  • Old Lady
  • Crying Lady
  • Faction-based Events

Missions Info (Quests)

  • Police Work
  • Robbery
  • Love Note
  • Thales


  • Life Stealers
  • Azure Flame
  • Thunder
  • Reverse
  • Frost
  • Detonation
  • Energy Syphon
  • Poison
  • Probability
  • Ash (Unobtainable)

Important NPCs

  • Wrath
  • Seer
  • Eugene
  • Business Man
  • Reight
  • Noru


  • Skill Tree
  • Generation Upgrades
  • Steeled for Death
  • Press of Death
  • Lighter
  • Infernal Core
  • Shards
  • Infernalized Shard

Areas (Map Info)

  • The City
  • The Slums
  • Training Grounds
  • The Lab
  • Fire Force HQ
  • Desert
  • White-Clad Base
  • Asakusa


  • Dex “The Devil”
  • Niko “Honored One”
  • Alexys
  • Speed “King of Heroes”
  • Tom “Hench”
  • Mod “Midnight Bite”
  • Issy “Voltage”
  • Trey “The Iron Singer”

Clans Info

  • Legendary Border (1%)
  • Rare Border (15%)
  • Common Border (84%)

Fire Force Online Discord Link

Here are the official and verified Discord server links for Fire Force Online on Roblox:

In addition to the above link, we also have two more Discord Server links for FFO. You can use these links for Trading and if you are a White Clad. They are as follows:

Useful FFO Links

Aside from Trello and Discord, here are some useful and important links to get more information:

All Fire Force Online Controls

Here’s the list of all the controls in FFO:

  • Run – SHIFT or double tap W
  • Dash – Q
  • Light Attack – M1
  • Heavy Attack – M2
  • Aerial Attack – Run + Jump + M1
  • Ground Slam – Jump + M2
  • Block – F
  • Counter – F + M1
  • Execute – B
  • Carry – V
  • Menu – M
  • Toggle Party – P

That’s all about the Fire Force Online Trello link and Discord Server. If you found this guide helpful, check out more Trello Links for other Roblox games. You can also explore our massive list of Codes for other games to claim free rewards right here on Gamer Tweak.