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Fire Force Online: How To Join Fire Force

You can join the Fire Force to help others and maintain peace in Fire Force Online. Here's how you can be a part of them.

Joining the Fire Force lets you fight crime and help civilians in Fire Force Online. Fighting White Clad members and restoring peace is the main objective of this Force. To join them, you must help people and improve your combat skills. However, you should pass a set of tasks to become one of them. So, let’s check out how to be a part of this faction.

How to Join Fire Force in Fire Force Online

Examiner In Fire Force Online
Examiner In Fire Force Online

To join the Fire Force, you must clear the trainee camp in Fire Force Online. You have to earn the Respected Civilian Title to be eligible to enroll in this camp. So, here are a few steps to follow:

Get the Respected Civilian Title

  1. Increase your reputation to get the Respected Civilian Title.
  2. Completing Officer Jone’s task in the Police Station will boost your reputation.
  3. You can also help NPCs like the Old Lady to cross the road or catch wallet Thieves to get this Title.

Get to the Fire Force HQ

  1. If you don’t know the location of the Fire Force HQ, go to the fountain and talk to Xavier.
  2. He will mark the headquarters for you.
  3. Follow the marker to reach the main building of the Force.

Talk to Examiner

  1. As soon as you enter, you will find an NPC in a black suit with sunglasses.
  2. You can talk to him to enroll yourself in the Fire Force Trainee Camp.
  3. You have to wait until the training starts.

Perform the task assigned by the Examiner

  1. You will teleport to the training grounds for the examination.
  2. The first task will be to listen to the Examiner carefully and answer his question. After you answer the question correctly, the second task will get assigned to you.
  3. There are three fruits behind the Examiner, and you have to bring back the same fruits by searching for them on the training ground. This task is also easy, but keep an eye on the timer.
  4. The last task is to defeat an Infernal Demon. You should have high combat skills and patience to beat him.

You will become a member of the Fire Force after you complete all these tasks.

So, that covers everything on how to join the Fire Force in Fire Force Online. If you are trying to get Armor, here is a guide you can read.