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Lost Ark: What Does Item Quality Mean?

Here is everything you should know about item quality in Lost Ark.

A common stat you can find on any gear in Lost Ark is quality, but many players don’t know what it means. Stats like level are often paid more attention to because of how they improve your gear. But you will be surprised by how much the quality of your item can affect your gameplay. So in this guide let us check what gear quality is in Lost Ark and does it matter for your item.

What does Item Quality Mean in Lost Ark?

what does gear quality mean in lost ark
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Quality is one of the aspects of an item. You will find it on all weapons, armor, and jewelry. The first aspect is your item level. This decides the basic stats of your item or gear. And while this is important, what you should also check is the quality. An Item Quality decides the bonus stats of your gear or item. It can be any number between 1 to 100.

As you can see in the above image we have two of the same weapons. Both are of Tier 1, are rare, and are of level 302. If you notice both of them also have a basic effect of weapon power of +622. But what is different between these two weapons is their quality and the bonus effect. The weapon with Quality 43 has additional damage of +1.29%. And the weapon with Quality 38 has additional damage of 1.14%.

So to sum it up Quality of your item basically affects the bonus effects of your gear. This does have an exception though with jewelry. Every Jewelry in this game has some engraving effect to it. Thus the bonus effect of your jewelry completely changes based on its engraving.

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Does Item Quality Matter?

The answer to this question is both yes and no depending on how far you are in the game. To keep it simple weapon quality won’t affect you much in the early game. But you should pay attention to it to increase the bonus stats of your gear. Especially as you get to the late game.

That covers this guide on what item quality is in Lost Ark and how much it matters. If you are looking to improve your items then check our guide on how to hone gear. And for more help on this game, check out these topics on what universal storage is, what expertise is, and how to increase the card catalog.