Palworld Duplication Glitch – Get Infinite Items

You can get infinite amount of Building Materials in Palworld by using this simple Item Duplication Glitch.

Since Palworld is currently in Early Access, it is prone to several bugs and glitches. One of those is the Item Duplication Glitch which allows players to have an unlimited amount of crafting materials. This glitch certainly works on building materials so you can’t have unlimited food ingredients. From where I see it, the duplication glitch is likely to get fixed soon. So be sure to use it if you want to amass building resources for future purposes.

Our guide here features the steps that you can follow to make use of the Palworld Item Duplication Glitch. Ensure to use it as soon as possible or you will lose a big opportunity.

Is Palworld Duplication Glitch Safe?

Before we get down to business, it’s important to know if this glitch is safe for use or not. While using glitches to exploit the game counts as cheating, I don’t think there are any circumstances for it. I mean, there are no cases of account banning reported from those who have used the duplication glitch.

I think the developers would not punish a player for a flaw in their game. So until the glitch is working, you can make use of it.

How to Use Palworld Duplication Glitch

While using the duplication glitch, make sure that you don’t have the item in your Inventory. Instead, you will have to build a Wooden Chest and transfer the item into that. Once you are done with it, use these steps to gain the benefit:

  • Go to the boundary of your base and place a Wooden Chest containing the item you want to duplicate. You can identify the boundaries of your base by looking at the blue outline on the ground.
Using Wooden Chest to use the Duplication Glitch in Palworld
Placing a Wooden Chest on Base’s Boundary to use the Duplication Glitch. Image Credits to Joscf
  • Now, to use the Item Duplication Glitch in Palworld, you will have to build something using that item.
Standing on the Base's Boundary to Use Item Duplication Glitch in Palworld
Building a Structure to trigger the Item Duplication Glitch
  • But there is a catch, you will have to stand on your base’s boundary. It should happen in such a way that one of your legs remains outside the boundary line and the other inside
  • After you start the building process, immediately cancel it. Doing so will refund the items you used for building the structure.
  • Collect and transfer the refunded item to your Inventory. You’ll know the Glitch has worked if you still see the building materials in the Wooden Chest, that you used previously.

The important thing to note is that you will get double the amount of items you have spent. For example, if you use x100 Ingots to build a Large Container and cancel the process, you will get x100 Ingots back. If the glitch worked, then you will have a total of x200 Ingots.

Now that you are done making use of the Palworld Duplication Glitch, there’s something for you. There is this one more glitch that allows you to get Pals easily. Check it out and plenty of other Palworld Guides here.