How To Get Any Pal With This Palworld Glitch

Palworld players can get any Pal they want in the dungeons with a simple glitch. If you want to exploit this bug, our guide will explain everything you will need.

Palworld players can get any Pal they want with this glitch. While Palworld is great for explorations and its gameplay system if you play multiplayer with friends, it is also no stranger to bugs and errors. Fortunately, this get any Palworld Pal glitch will allow players to have the Alpha boss version of the Pals if they exploit it correctly.

Alpha Pal is quite difficult to get and most of the time, players don’t get to battle the ones they want. You can keep using this glitch until it’s the Pal you want to capture and then fight them. Since exploration is solo, it would not be possible to take your friends to exploit this glitch. However, it is quite useful and our guide will show you exactly what you need to do.

How to Get Any Palworld Pal with this Glitch

How to Get Any Palworld Pal with this Glitch
Image Source: Steam

To get any Palworld Pal with this glitch, players will have to head to the dungeons. Once they are there, they will need to reach the final room but not enter it. Players can spot which Alpha Pal is inside right from the crevice on the entrance and if it’s not the one you want, simply head back to the previous room and then return again. This time, the Alpha Pal would be a different one. You can rinse and repeat this process until you find the Pal you want.

Make sure that you go all the way back to the previous room and not circle in this one and return. Having said that, it’s worth noting that if you enter the boss fight, it won’t work and you will have to try the glitch later.

Also, we have tried this in a couple of dungeons and it has worked. However, there is a possibility that it does not work in every dungeon. If that is the case, it’s best if you exit this dungeon and head to another one in a different region. Whether you will carry on Early Access progress in Palworld is a mystery. However, this glitch will prove to be quite useful.

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