DBD: How To Find Invitations In Twisted Masquerade 2023

DBD Twisted Masquerade 2023 introduces new skills that Survivors and Killers can use to get an in-game benefit. You will need Invitation scrolls for that.

DBD’s 7th anniversary brings back the Twisted Masquerade Event in 2023 (which starts from June 22nd 11 AM ET and ends on July 13th 11 AM ET) and with it, you get new content to explore. One of the things you’d want to know during the event is how to find, collect and use Invitations in Dead by Daylight (DBD) because you will need the charges.

Players can collect Invitations during a trial to unlock benefits to sabotage the opponent, either as a Survivor or as the Killer. By doing so and escaping/winning, you can get 12 new Masquerade Masks. Get more information in this guide.

How to Get Invitation Scrolls Location in DBD Twisted Masquerade 2023

  • The Invitations in DBD Twisted Masquerade 2023 event will spawn in random locations across the map so you must keep moving to be able to spot them.
  • They will be shown in the form of scrolls floating over a pillar. They won’t stay in the same place for a long time, but you will hear a sound when they are moving to a different place.
  • If you are getting close to it, you will see it through a wall in the form of a purple glow. As soon as you see that, make your way to it and interact with it to collect it.
  • Once done, you will get orange and blue particles floating around your character.

how to get invitation charges dead by daylight

How to Use Invitation Charges for Twisted Skills in DBD?

When you collect an Invitation Scroll, you have an option to use the charge for Twisted Skills. Each Invitation has several charges.

  • If you are a Survivor being chased by the Killer, you can either block a window to escape and block the enemy’s way.
  • Killers can use these charges to counter the use of charges made by the Survivor or power-up themselves to take them down easier. More details are below.

How to Activate DBD Invitation Effects?

Via Settings, go to Input bindings for your Survivor or Killer > Interactions > Activate Event Ability. Console players can activate the Invitation Effects by pressing the right analog stick of the controller.

how to trigger invitation effects dbd

where to find invitation scrolls map

What do Twisted Skills do for Survivors in DBD?

block killers with twisted skills dbd

  • Twisted skills can spawn a vault blocker on a window that will stop the killer from chasing you from there.
  • You can also spawn a Fragile Pallet that will momentarily stun the killer. But as soon as they walk through it, the Pallet will break.

summon pallets dead by daylight

What do Twisted Skills do for Killers in DBD?

  • Killers can remotely destroy pallets spawned by Survivors.
  • They can also get Endurance for a short time which means they can reduce the stun duration/impact from Survivors by -75%.
  • When a Killer is chasing a Survivor and builds up Bloodlust, they can temporarily put the Exposed status debuff effect on Survivors. If you get inflicted by it, you can be taken down with one basic attack instead of two.

How to Unlock & Get Anniversary Masquerade Masks in Dead by Daylight (DBD)

how to unlock masks dbd twisted masquerade 2023

Players need to have at least one Invitation charge remaining when the Exit gates or Hatch open so you must use them wisely during your trial. You will unlock any of the masks in random order, there’s no way to prioritize which mask to unlock and it’s not role-locked.

As a Survivor, after you collect Invitations, you need to repair the generators, survive and escape via the exit gate. When you go back to the game’s menu, you will see that you have unlocked a Mask from the Dead by Daylight Twisted Masquerade 2023 event.

If you are playing as the Killer and have an Invitation, you need to kill everyone and win the game. At the end, you should unlock a Twisted Masquerade 2023 event mask.

Since you might want a visual guide, here’s a quick video that gives a summary of what you can do: