Dead By Daylight (DBD): How To Repair & Fix Generators

Having trouble repairing generators in DBD? Check out this guide to learn how to fix them.

Repairing Generators in Dead by Daylight is a very core mechanism of the game. It can even be argued to be the basics as it is the one of main objectives to complete for Survivors to escape the Killer. Although it might be basic, there are some things that you should know about generators that can help you escape the killer. So in this guide let us take a look at how to repair and fix generators in Dead by Daylight (DBD) and Perform skill checks.

How to Repair & Fix Generators in Dead by Daylight

how to repair generator in dbd and perform skill check

In order to repair the generator, the player must go towards it and press the repair button. These are the repair buttons on different platforms.

  • PlayStation: R1 Button.
  • Xbox: RB Button.
  • PC: M1 Button (Left Mouse Button).
  • Mobile: Tap on the Repair icon button.

Once you press the repair button your character will start repairing the generator. During this process, you will occasionally get a quick time event known as the Skill Check. Successfully performing a Skill Check allows you to continue to repair the generator. But if you fail a Skill Check it will alert the Killer, the location of the generator where the noise came from.

Another important thing to remember is you don’t have to repair the generator in one go, you can leave it unrepaired if you hear the Killer approaching you. This will save your repair progress and you can come back later to fix it. Although there is a catch, the Killer can destroy the generators if you leave them unrepaired, making you lose some of the repair progress.

Each Generator has four sides and that allows up to four players to repair it at the same time. The advantage of repairing generators together is the more the number of players fixing, the faster the generator will fix.

When a single survivor works to repair a generator, it should take 80 seconds to repair it completely. Note that it will take 80 seconds when you don’t fail a skill check, succeed in a Great Skill check, and not take the help of any perks, tools, or other survivors.

These are the times taken by the number of players to fix the generator.

  • 1 player: 80 seconds
  • 2 players: 47.06 seconds
  • 3 players: 38.1 seconds
  • 4 players: 36.36 seconds

While more players increase the repair time you should take into account that if one messes up the skill check, the Killer gets more chance to attack everyone. So if you should also take this factor into account when repairing the generator with multiple people.

How to Perform a Skill Check

In order to perform a Skill Check tap the Skill Check button when the pointer gets in the highlighted area. These are the Skill Check buttons on different platforms.

  • PlayStation: L1 Button
  • Xbox: LB button
  • PC: Space button
  • Mobile: Tap on the thumb-print icon button.

If you perform a Skill Check in the white part of the highlighted area then you do a Great Skill Check.

That covers everything you need to know about how to fix and repair generators in Dead by Daylight (DBD) and Perform Skill Checks. Check out our other guides on how to check server status and best survivor builds for Dead by Daylight.

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