Elden Ring Can’t Invade – Invasion Not Working Fix

Stuck on Attempting to Invade Another World but can't invade anyone? These are the reasons why it could be happening.

Elden Ring is hard enough to play, but if you have chosen the path the play the game online, you are giving others a chance to invade you. It’s a fun little thing where other players can appear in your world and well, vanquish you, the host. Many players who intend to do this to others are unable to invade other worlds and are stuck on attempting the invasion. How to fix the invasions not working issue in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Invasion Not Working (Stuck on Attempting to Invade Another World)

There are a few reasons why players can’t invade in Elden Ring:

  • Elden Ring servers are down.
  • You don’t have the Bloody Finger or Festering Bloody Finger item yet.
  • Unable to matchmake with other players due to differences in level, weapon levels, rune levels and other hidden restrictions. If your level is too high and other players aren’t around that range yet, you might get fewer opportunities of invading.
  • There are bugs in the multiplayer mode.
  • The area where you are trying to start an invasion attempt doesn’t allow it.

Elden Ring Can’t Invade Fix

  • Make sure that you attempt an invasion in an area/location where you might find a lot of players to invade (and are at a similar level as you are).
  • There are already some best places to invade and they are Redmane castle, Raya Lucaria’s Academy, and outside the room of two Gargoyle’s rooms and Dragonbarrow West. There are a few more mentioned in our guide on where to invade in Elden Ring.
  • If the invasion times are too long and you are ‘stuck on attempting to invade another world’ – you are probably over-leveled for PVP. Your PVP aspirations might have to wait until the majority of players also level up.
  • Play during Peak hours so that your wait time is lower than usual.

elden ring invasions not working stuck attempting

How to Invade Other Players

Here’s a quick overview about invasion if you are just starting out with it. You need to Bloody Finger multiplayer item to invade other players. You can also get the Festering Bloody Finger item which is a consumable for one time use. Players can buy it from the Nomadic Merchant present in East Limgrave. But you have to be ready to shell out 1000 Runes. If you want to keep invading players, this becomes an expensive deal, so it’s best to get your hands on the Bloody Finger item.

Once you have it, you can interact with it much easier if you add it in the menu quick slot. Then use it wherever the game allows you to invade (if it doesn’t, the Bloody Finger will show up as grey). Next, the game will search for a world to invade and if it works, you will step into it – ready to beat the opponent to a pulp.

How to Get Bloody Finger Location

  • If you haven’t got the Bloody Finger item yet, you need to first beat Godrick the Grafted and go to the Roundtable Hold.
  • Next, visit the Rose Church and talk to White Face Varre.
  • This is the NPC that will introduce you to invading.
  • Follow the instructions that the NPC gives you and complete the quest. At the end of it, you will receive the Bloody Finger which you can use anytime you want to invade.

That’s everything you can do to fix the invasions not working problem in Elden Ring. For more related to Elden Ring, don’t miss our guides and other coverage.