How & Where To Invade In Elden Ring (PvP Invasion Guide)

Here's our guide that explains how to invade and survive an invasion in Elden Ring.

Unlike the multiplayer in the previous installments, Elden Ring has introduced a new concept of PvP into the game. It’s quite simple, to invade or be invaded by other players. This player can either be an NPC or a random player from some other world. The player can either summon you into their worlds or invade your world using different materials. So, here’s our guide on how to invade and survive an invasion in Elden Ring.

How to Invade Other Players in Elden Ring?

  • Elden Ring not only allows you to invade the worlds of other players but also your friends.
  • You need to use a Festering Bloody Finger to search different worlds for an invasion.
  • Make sure to be online as you equip and use this item.
  • It can be only used once for an invasion. So, use it wisely or stack these fingers for more invasions.
  • While the Duelist’s Furled Finger sends a beacon for a competitive multiplayer, the Tarnished’s furled finger invites players for cooperative multiplayer.
  • Speaking of invading other players, you simply need to defeat and kill the host of the invading world.
  • Although the invaded player can use White Cipher Ring for help, you will have an element of surprise over them.

Where to Invade?

Now that you know how to invade other players, you might be looking for the best places to invade. As there is a quest that requires players to invade 3 times, players have been looking for places for quick invasions. With the help of some Reddit threads, we were able to procure the best places where you can bag invasions. Mentioned below are some of the places where you can invade:

  • Traverse over the Siofra river towards the singing enemies to invade.
  • Redmane castle, Raya Lucaria’s Academy, and outside the room of two Gargoyle’s rooms are the places players in the Reddit thread suggest too.
  • One of the other places where you can invade easy and quick if you are on a high level is Dragonbarrow West. It is a site of Grace and one of the players in the thread suggested invading this place.
  • Faroth Shrine is one of the other places you can go for a quick invasion.
  • You can also explore the Lyndell region for an invasion. But to reach Lyndell, you will have to collect two Great Runes or complete a quest (Defeat Fia’s champions) for Ranni, the Witch.
  • You might find some luck in the proximity of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree for a quick invasion as well.

How to Survive an Invasion?

  • You can be invaded by other players only during online mode.
  • So, if you don’t wish to be invaded you can toggle the online mode to offline in Launch settings.
  • You can also encounter an invasion by NPCs.
  • If you wish to get the full out of the invasion, there’s only one to survive an invasion in Elden Ring. That is to defeat and kill the Host of fingers invading your world.
elden ring invasion survive
Image Source – Oroboro on YouTube.
  • You will notice a red highlight on the enemies that indicate the invaders.
  • We suggest not relying much on the NPC enemies as they do not attack the invading players from the other worlds. Thus, it is totally up to you to defeat these invaders.
  • You can summon other players or friends to aid by using White Cipher Ring. It is one of the multiplayer materials that requests help from your friends.
  • You can purchase it from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable hold or from the multiplayer menu for 800 Runes.
  • Make sure for the summoned help to wear a Blue Cipher Ring to be able to teleport into your world.
  • To purchase a Blue Cipher Ring, head over to the Twin Maiden Husks or multiplayer menu.

How to Summon Other Players to Invade?

  • In addition to invading other players, you can summon other players into your world to invade.
  • Use Taunter’s tongue to send a beacon to invite other players into the world.
  • These summoned players will be determined by your current power level and the highest weapon upgrade.
  • The Small golden effigy will send a beacon for a cooperative summon while the Small red effigy summons player for a competitive one.
  • You can use Duelist’s Furled finger to be summoned by other players from different worlds.

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