Infinite Stratagems Glitch In Helldivers 2 – Explained

Infinite Stratagems Glitch allows you to use Stratagems without any cooldown period in Helldivers 2. Learn how to trigger this glitch here.

Helldivers 2 had a rough launch period as players reported an error every other day. For days, players encountered server-related issues until Arrowhead Game Studios fixed it with their recent update on February 23, 2024. After this update, several players have found a glitch that allows them to use Stratagems infinitely without any cooldown period. This proved to be an absolute delight as some Stratagems do more damage than your primary weapons.

It is for sure that this Infinite Stratagems Glitch in Helldivers 2 isn’t fixed yet. So if you are looking to take advantage of it, we can help you with that.

What does Infinite Stratagems Glitch do in Helldivers 2

To prevent any future server issues, Arrowhead Games has implemented a feature that kicks a player who’s gone AFK for too long. It seems like with this new anti-AFK feature, the Infinite Stratagems Glitch has found its way into Helldivers 2. Whenever this glitch is triggered, players will be able to use their Stratagems without any cooldown period. Not only this, some equipment like the Mortar Sentries become available in more quantity than their usual allotted capacity.

The Infinite Stratagems Glitch in Helldivers 2
Using Multiple Orbital Lasers through Infinite Stratagems Glitch in Helldivers 2. Image Credits to Not Harvard.

In missions where you are tasked with killing a certain number of enemies, the Infinite Stratagems Glitch can prove to be a blessing. With more destruction, you can easily clear out a bunch of enemies. However, you must also know that there are some side effects of this glitch. For starters, there will be a purple question mark floating above your character while this glitch is active. Moreover, you won’t be able to equip your primary and secondary weapons too. But for the other powerful weapons you get, I don’t think there will be any trouble.

How to do the Infinite Stratagems Glitch in Helldivers 2

Now that you know how the Infinite Stratagems Glitch works, you might want to trigger it during your playthrough. The steps for doing so are sort of luck-based. But if you still want it, then you will have to go AFK. After being kicked out 2-3 times for going AFK, the next mission you enter will be with an Infinite Stratagems Glitch.

According to a Redditor, the Infinite Stratagems Glitch in Helldivers 2 can be fixed if you go to your Armory. All you have to do is enter the Armory and select your Weapons from there. Once you get your weapons back, the glitch will simply disappear.

Make sure to use this exploit once before it’s gone. The developers are putting great effort into providing a quality experience, so this glitch might be fixed soon. While the Infinite Stratagems Glitch in Helldivers 2 is benefiting the players, there’s one more that’s doing the opposite. An unknown glitch is causing the Super Credits to disappear for some reason. Be sure to check out our guide to learn more about it.