Helldivers 2: Best Early Game Stratagems

Stratagems can help you unleash special abilities during missions. Here’s a list of some of the best early game Stratagems you can use, so that you can cause maximum destruction and take out all your enemies during orders and mission.

Stratagems are considered one of the most effective tools for destruction in Helldivers 2. These tools include ammo, weapons, bombs, turrets, drones, airstrikes, etc. Although they all have unique abilities and effects, they will also have a cooldown period. As a result, choosing the right Stratagems is of utmost importance, especially if you want to beat and overcome all the threats you face on the battlefield.

Players should try to master these tools as they can deal much damage, increasing their chances of success while completing missions and other objectives. Additionally, the Stratagems you unlock can not only be used to defeat tough alien bugs and robots but can also be used to take down industrial structures like Fuel Silos.

Similarly, you can unlock more of these explosives once you start leveling up. Until then, you can take advantage of our prepared list and select some of the best tools you can use in Helldivers 2.

Best Early Game Stratagems in Helldivers 2

Use the Orbital Precision Strike to defeat large number of enemies with one hit in Helldivers 2
Use the Orbital Precision Strike to defeat large number of enemies with one hit in Helldivers 2.

Here are the best unlockable early game Stratagems in Helldivers 2:

  1. Stalwart
  2. Orbital Precision Strike
  3. Anti-Personnel Minefield
  4. Eagle Airstrike
  5. Expendable Anti-Tank
  6. Orbital Gas Strike
  7. Machine Gun Sentry
  8. Recoilless Rifle
  9. Grenade Launcher
  10. Gatling Sentry

We have covered everything you need to know if you are looking to unlock some of the best and most effective early-game Stratagems. You can use them to defeat all the dangerous foes and cause destruction during missions and orders. You can also use our Stratagems codes and quickly drop the tools you need from your Destroyer Ship. If you want to level up in this game, don’t forget to check out how you can unlock new weapons and heal teammates, right here on Gamer Tweak.