How To Heal Teammates In Helldivers 2

Want to support your team by restoring their health? Here’s how you do this easily.

Working for Super Earth to create a managed democracy is not an easy task in Helldivers 2, even while playing with your Squad. You will often find yourself trapped against an army of Terminids and Automatons. In such situations, you or your teammates can easily panic and lose a chunk of health. For that reason, all the team members need to have each other’s back. One way to do this is by healing them when they are running out of supplies.

In this guide, I will explain how you can easily heal your teammates in Helldivers 2, so all of you can dive back into the action again.

How to Heal Other Players in Helldivers 2

Use a Stim to Heal other Players in Teammates
Using a Stim to Heal Other Players. Image Credits to SwanyPlaysGames

To heal yourself in Helldivers 2, you use a Stim on yourself, right? Likewise, to restore your teammate’s health, you will need to use a Stim on them as well. If any of your team member’s health bar is red, simply go to them and you will get a prompt to use a Stim. Simply press the prompted button and heal your teammate.

Another way to heal a teammate is by going to your Inventory and selecting the Stim. After that, you can interact with it to heal your teammate in Helldivers 2. Aside from using a Stim, you can also the Ballistic Shield Backpack Stratagem. It will grant you a Shield that you or your teammates can equip to avoid all the incoming damage.

After healing your teammate using a Stim in Helldivers 2, you will immediately unlock a Trophy called “Democracy ain’t done with you yet.” So if you are looking to Platinum the game, don’t forget to miss out on this one.

For now, that’s all you can do to heal your teammates in Helldivers 2. If you liked reading this guide, I think you should check out our other helpful content on Gamer Tweak.