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Lost Ark Roster: How To Increase Its Levels & Rewards List

Here is everything that you should know about the roster in Lost Ark.

Roster is a mechanism in Lost Ark that can be very helpful when you know how its levels work. This system is useful to players who play with different characters on the same server. It gives you many rewards as you level up your roster. So in this guide let us check what roster level is in Lost Ark, how to increase it, and the rewards you can get.

How Roster System works in Lost Ark

how to increase roster level in lost ark

Roster system in Lost Ark works by sharing the achievements and progress you get, between your different characters on the same server. That is where the roster comes in. So all the characters that you make on the same server will become a part of that roster.

Remember this only works when you have different characters on the same server. Having a character on another server will make it a part of another roster.

This system has something known as the Roster level. Basically, when you level up a character, the other characters on your roster also get some amount of XP which also helps them level up. This shared XP between the different characters of a roster is known as Roster XP. And each time you increase your roster level you also get rewards for it.

How to Increase Roster Level

You can increase your roster level by doing Tower. But the most important thing is avoiding knowledge transfer. Knowledge transfer is an ideal way to level up your character after you have completed the story with one of them. But the problem is it skips the grind so you miss out on a good way of increasing your roster level with other characters.

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All Roster Level Rewards in Lost Ark

Each time you increase your roster level you get different rewards. These rewards can be either improved stats for characters or different items. Here are the rewards that you can receive:

  • Improved Stats:
    • Strength (+5)
    • Dexterity (+5)
    • Intelligence (+5)
    • Vitality (+5)
  • Items:
    • Potions
    • Wallpaper
    • Chest of Crystals
    • Bifrost Key

That covers this guide on what roster is in Lost Ark, how to increase its level, and the rewards you can get. You should also check our Lost Ark guides to get help on other topics like how to get & use Gienah’s coins, get the lab to level 3, and auto skip cutscenes.