Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon: How To Clear It (Daily Farming Guide)

Here is everything that you should know to beat a Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark.

Chaos Dungeon is one of the most important game mechanisms in Lost Ark when it comes to farming endgame items. You can unlock it by completing Ealyn’s Request and reaching level 50. But while you may unlock it easily, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. So in this guide let us quickly check how to clear a chaos dungeon in Lost Ark and tips to beat it easily.

How to Clear Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark

lost ark chaos dungeon guide

You can Beat Chaos Dungeons by clearing out the hoards of enemies in the different zones. The goal is to fill up the Purification meter before the timer runs out. Using AoE attacks is one of the best ways to speed up this process. Once you clear a zone a portal will appear that takes you to the next one.

Chaos Dungeons are one of the best ways to farm endgame items in Lost Ark. Here is what you will typically find in a Chaos Dungeon:

There are three zones in a Chaos Dungeon where the difficulty increases progressively.

  • First zone: Here you can find hoards of minor enemies that aren’t much of a challenge.
  • Second zone: Things start getting a bit harder here as not only do you find minion-level enemies but also mini-bosses. So not only do you have to tackle the enemies but also the mini-bosses.
  • Third zone: This is very similar to the first two zones but the main difference is that you need to break open the crystal rift cores to bring out the mini-bosses. The rest of the trick is the same. Keep eliminating enemies before the timer runs out.

Once you have cleared all the zones you will beat the Chaos Dungeon.

Tips for Chaos Dungeons

These are some general tips will help you beat the chaos dungeons faster and regarding their rewards:

  • Spam AoE attacks: AoE attacks let you deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time. So the more enemies you attack the faster you can clear the zone. You can even pair this trick up by running around to let a hoard chase you and when there are a bunch of enemies together unleash an AoE attack to deal damage to as many of them as possible.
  • Try going after the mini-bosses first: The reason taking out mini-bosses first is a must is that they can give you different types of buffs. All of these will come in handy when fighting these enemies. They can include better movement speed, more attack power, and more.
  • Use light blue orbs: Throughout the three zones, you can find light blue orbs scattered around the map. Whenever you come across one try passing them over as they give you a small speed boost. This will allow you to evade your enemies better while you wait for your ability cooldown to finish.
  • Do it twice daily: You can clear a chaos dungeon as many times as you like. Clearing it the first two times daily will give you the most rewards. You will still be rewarded if you challenge it after the first two times but the rewards will be significantly lesser than before. This is because for maximum rewards it needs you to spend 50 Aura of Resonance and you can have a total of 100 daily.
  • Exchange your shards and crystals: The entire goal of beating Chaos Dungeons is to get the perception shards and disorder crystals. You can exchange them at any Chaos Dungeon vendor. And the higher tier dungeon you challenge, the currency that you get from it will allow you to exchange them for better rewards.

That covers this guide on how to beat a Chaos dungeon in Lost Ark. Since you like playing this game don’t miss out on our other Lost Ark guides.