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Lost Ark: How To Get Lab To Level 3

Check out this guide to get your lab to level 3 in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is a free-to-play action MMORPG game with advanced PvP battles across multiple islands. One of the important features of this game is a Stronghold. It is a building structure with housing as well as other facilities in the game. It provides facilities like a Lab, a Crafting Workshop, a Station to send crew members to the mission, etc. Upgrading Stronghold from time to time is very important for the game to progress further. However, one of the most important services provided by a Stronghold is a Lab. A Lab is useful for crafting recipes and researching items so they can be unlocked. Also, it is important for a Lab to level up for better research analysis. Here’s how you can get your lab to level 3 in Lost Ark.

How to Get Lab to Level 3 in Lost Ark (Upgrade)

How to get Lab to level 3 in Lost Ark

A Lab is the most important facility offered inside a Stronghold. Leveling up a Stronghold upgrades the other facilities automatically. So, to level up your Lab, you need to develop your Stronghold by completing tasks and conducting research. In addition, here are some tips to upgrade your Lab:

  • To level up, you should complete all the Research available in the lab.
  • The best and the most efficient way to do this is to complete the research that requires less time first. Also, it is possible that this research is completed while you are playing the game. In addition, if you are planning to play for a couple of hours, then you can complete the research that costs you 2-3 hours of time.
  • Moreover, research that requires more amount of time as compared to others can be initiated when you are planning to take a break. So the next time you open the game, you get the research complete.
  • Also, make sure to upgrade your Stronghold by completing the tasks as it will give you a little juice in leveling up the facilities.

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That’s how you get Lab to level 3 in Lost Ark in the most effective way. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our detailed guide on Stronghold.