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Lost Ark Quest Guide: All Crook Catcher Location

Still looking for a guide to complete the Crook Catcher Quest in Lost Ark? You do not need to look further as we have everything you need covered right here.

The trending top-down fantasy, Lost Ark is one of the recent MMORPGs on Steam. It was the second most played game within twenty-four hours since its release. Lost Ark is riddled with monumental quests, while it also engages players with its rivaling game mechanics. The game also has quite a few daily quests, including the Crook Catcher Quest. As getting the location of all those you need to pursue is a little difficult, we recommend this guide for the Lost Ark Crook Catcher quest.

All Crook Catcher Quest Location in Lost Ark


Crook Catcher Quest Location Lost Ark

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of daily quests that will be useful for the rewards provided. One such quest is the Crook Catcher where you are going to catch three different crooks. To complete the quest, you will have to travel to the Runaway Islands.

While there are blue arrows on your map to assist you, we still recommend you use this guide for ease. You may have to wait a while since all of them spawn within a small time interval. All you have to do in order to catch them is click on the crooks. The following are the locations of each crook that you will catch as a part of the Crook Catcher quest:


  • Lockpicker – Lockpicker can be found towards the central part of the Runaway islands. Right near the blue arrow, you will have to climb the roof in front of you.
  • Prisoner Ransomer – To catch the Prisoner Ransomer, jump towards the left of the roof and keep moving straight to come across the hays and the stable. You can catch the Bounty Hunter Bedlerope over here.
  • Noble Impersonator – There are a few places close by where you can find him. Once you catch the lockpicker, simply jump on the right side of the house and head north. As you come across two NPCs talking, you will be able to catch one of the crooks.

There is one more Noble Impersonator you can reach by moving towards the left of the first house. Among the hays and stables, you will be able to spot Fake Noblewoman Heno. This location is near the location of the Prisoner Ransomer in the Crook Catcher Quest.

Lost Ark Crook Catcher Quest Guide


Once you manage to catch all of them head north and talk to Rembrant, an NPC who will reward you. He will be marked by a question mark on the map once you complete the quest. The available rewards for the Crook Catcher Quest are:

That’s all you need on the Crook Catcher Quest in Lost Ark and the locations of all crooks. If you liked this guide, we have more Lost Ark guides, tips, and tricks waiting for you at Gamer Tweak.