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Lost Ark: How To Farm More Harmony Shards

Here's our guide on what are harmony shards and how to get them in Lost Ark.

As an MMOARPG set in an extensive open-world, there are a ton of things you can do in Lost Ark. While you proceed with your journey in Arkesia, you will have to add a lot of upgrades to your gear and this is known as Gear Honing. It involves upgrading the XP points of your weapon and armor to increase its item level (iLvl). For this, you will need some materials to upgrade your gear. That’s where harmony shards come into the topic. Harmony shards are one of the gear honing materials you will need to upgrade your gear. So, here’s our guide on what are harmony shards and how to farm them in Lost Ark.

How to Get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark?


Before we begin with how to get harmony shards, let’s start with understanding what are these materials first.

What are Harmony Shards?

  • Harmony shards are the materials used for upgrading your weapons and armor in Lost Ark.
  • They cannot be dismantled and the maximum stack count for these shards are 999.
  • You will need these materials to increase the XP of an item or equipment through Gear Honing.
  • While perception shards increase your health, harmony shards upgrade the XP points of your gear.
  • If you want to upgrade your weapons you will need Destruction stone fragments along with the shards.
  • Similarly, you will need Guardian stone fragments to upgrade your armor through Gear honing.


How to Farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark?

  • There are several ways to get harmony shards in Lost Ark. But the simplest way to get most of the harmony shards is by completing Chaos Dungeons.
  • To do that, you will have to be at least on level 50 or beyond along with an iLvl of 250. The daily limit to grind on Chaos Dungeon activities is two per day. You can either complete these activities in a normal mode of difficulty or hard mode for more shards.
  • Alternatively, you can also acquire harmony shards by completing certain daily or weekly Una tasks that reward you with these shards.
  • You can also acquire harmony shards in exchange for pirate coins as they are easily obtainable by now. Head over to Simael Bloodstone or the Merchant ship right outside the harbor to buy harmony shards. If you are looking for pirate coins, you can grind on the island and reputation mini-quests.
  • One of the other ways to get harmony shards is completing subsequent levels or floors in the Tower challenge. Why floors? Because the level of difficulty increases as you climb the tower.
lost ark harmony shards towers
Image Source – MisoxShiru on YouTube.


  • It is an endgame PvE challenge that involves climbing the tower as you face hordes of enemies with a ticking time limit. As you complete a floor, you will receive rewards and unlock the subsequent next floor. Tower challenges yield harmony shard pouches and are one of the best ways to farm more harmony shards.

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