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Cookie Run Kingdom: How To Increase Power? (Max Attack “ATK” DPS)

ATK is an attack attribute that impacts the DPS in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Here are three best methods to increase Attack Power.

Cookie Run Kingdom is all about building and defending your kingdom. As you progress to new regions you will unlock powerful new cookies. Some are common while some fall in the rare category. Each of these cookies has different abilities that can give you an edge in the battle. But the most powerful thing is to get max DPS. A cookie with high Attack power, ATK in short can beat any boss in the game. In this guide, I am going to help you with increasing attack power in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Not all cookies have strong attributes, some will remain mediocre through any level while some can give you high attack power.

How To Increase Power in the Cookie Run Kingdom? Maxout Attack Power


Cookie Run Attributes

There are three ways to increase power in the Cookie Run Kingdom. You will begin with a simple Cookie which will later get help from other cookies. You can either get a random Epic or Rare cookie during the run. And as you progress more new Cookies will join the gang. But not all are worthy of upgrades. There are few which can give you high DPS, while some Cookie Power will be stuck on some point. It is necessary to focus more on cookies whose attacks can be maxed out.

There are four primary Cookie attributes that define their strength and weakness. Some cookies have high DEF points. They can be good in terms of standing long in the battle. But the game is better if you focus more on the attack. Each time you win a battle you will be rewarded with EXP along with other rewards. When the EXP meter max’s out your character Level ups. The default way of upgrading the cookies. With it, there are two more ways to increase attack power.

  • HP – Health Points
  • ATK – Attack
  • DEF – Defense
  • CRIT% – Critical Hit Percentage

1. Level Up:

Cookie Run Level Up


Keep on playing and winning battles to farm EXP points. Or you can read our guide on how to level up fast in Cookie Run Kingdom. Leveling up is the default way to make your cookies stronger. Each time the EXP meter fills up to max, the character levels up and becomes stronger. Depending on the type of Cookie, its HP, ATK, DEF & CRIT% changes. You can hit up to 200,000 power on some cookies. While those which focus more on defense, hp, and crit can stay below 100,000. Fairy, Vampire, Pastry, and Black Raisins are the four types of cookies to focus on for increasing power in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

2. Upgrade:

Cookie Run Upgrades

The second way of increasing power is upgrading the character. As you progress enough you will unlock the Upgrade Menu. This section will allow you to upgrade the skills of the cookie. Which plays a vital role in the overall power boost. Keep on upgrading skills to level up your character fast in the game. All stats changes will be displayed on the screen giving you a glimpse of the power level of the cookie.


3. Toppings:

Cookie Run Toppings

The third and final way of getting more power in the Cookie Run Kingdom is using the toppings focusing on boosting ATK percentage. Click on the Toppings Menu and you will see a list of items. Click on them and view their stats. Few of them focus on ATK percentage, adding them will boost the power of Cookies like Fairy, Vampire, Pastry, and Black Raisins. Click on the toppings and check the ATK part of the stats. There can be a boost between 1.5 to 9% or higher. Upgrading toppings will also increase power. So focus a lot on picking the right toppings which can contribute something to the attack power.

So these were the three best methods to increase the attack power of cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Do not forget to check our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List, which will help you in finding the most powerful cookies. Finally, have a look at how to farm the Mileage Point guide for tips on unlocking rare powerful cookies.