How To Level Up Fast in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In this guide, you'll learn all the ways in which you can level up fast in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom since its release in January 2021 has kept players engaged with all the in-game interdependencies that enable them to earn XP and quickly level up and upgrade their city. This city-building RPG has a few in-game factors to keep in mind if you wish to quickly level up. Here’s a guide to help you out with the same. Follow the steps below to learn how you can quickly level up in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

How to Level Up Fast in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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To level up fast in Cookie Run: Kingdom, you’ll need to earn XP as quickly as you can and in the shortest time possible. You can do this by completing tasks, farming certain resources or items with high XP yields, and more. Here are all the things you can do to level up fast in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Complete Tasks, Quests, and Events

Keep an eye out for seasonal events and other special events in addition to your daily tasks. These enable you to earn XP really quickly. Furthermore, they may sometimes return an insanely huge chunk of XP in addition to resources which will lead you to quickly level up in-game. Also, special events like Burning Days may lead you to earn double the amount of XP you otherwise would, so it’s important to time yourself right and use these events to your advantage.

Fulfill Tree Of Wishes Requests

The Tree Of Wishes can be a great way to get some quick XP that’ll help you level up faster. All you need to do is Fulfill the cookies’ requests and in return, you’ll receive coins in addition to Kingdom XP. You will however need resources in abundance for this.

Upgrading Buildings

Buildings like Cookie houses return Exp Jellies that are really important to upgrade your cookies. Other structures return similar resources that you can use to upgrade cookies to enhance their combat skills and effectiveness. This will in turn return more Kingdom XP thereby causing you to level up fast.

level up fast cookie run kingdom

Farming Resources

To construct a structure or mine a resource, you’ll need another type of resource. The problem is, in order to obtain that resource- you need an additional resource that further requires another resource. Recognizing the basic resource which will be required further down the line for more important builds or resources and stocking up on it to get that particular resource is called Farming. In this case, that resource is XP and we’ll need to carry out some XP farming for the same. Farming lets you create a situation to maximize your XP gain. So let’s say if you’re absolutely certain you’ll need extreme amounts of sugar cubes for a wide variety of things that will return XP, you start putting time in ways to maximize your sugar cube yield. You’ll need to strategize and spend some time in-game to best understand what is worth upgrading and what to avoid.

That’s pretty much all there is to earn XP quickly and level up as fast as possible in Cookie Run: Kingdom. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. Here’s a guide to further help you out by teaching you how to earn star jelly in Cookie Run: Kingdom.